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Topic Subject:Forum Party Game
Cherub Shadow8357
posted 04-18-99 03:44 PM ET (US)         
Just as the party was ending for me, I managed to get into a game. It was a six player FFA, with me (orange), Elijeh (blue), MacRat (red), TrickyBandit (yellow), MoogieWondrland (green), and AOEH_Mack (teal). I had already decided to tool rush before I went into the game. I was glad that it was a free for all, because the only person that I would mess up with my experimentation was myself (unless I was lucky). The map is gig medit, so I choose Yam. The game was no Shang, and only one person per civ. I thought that since I didn't plan on surviving tool, the stronger scout ships and faster vills, along with a complete tool army (unlike Assy and Hittite) would make a good civ for that game. I go for a granary first start, but disaster hits when a lion chases a gazelle right into my food operation. Lag saves the day, though, as it allows me to assign three nearby vills to attack it before it does any damage. Unfortunately, it is too far away from a pit to be put to use, and both animals are wasted. I tool quickly with 16 vills and two fishing boats. I send a few scout ships out. I destroy some (all?) of MacRat's fishing boats, then move on to other areas of the shore. I soon discover that even Yam scout ships die to ordinary war galleys. Disaster strikes again when my forward barracks (near Tricky) falls before it is even built, and the villager assigned to build it is killed. I build the barracks in my own town, near by woodcutters. Tricky soon attacks with two camels. Three CA appear moments later. I send off three villagers to find a place to build an auxilliary base. They quickly arrive at a high hill and pit some wood and elephants. I haven't scouted the area well, but I am in a hurry, and I know that I will run into an enemy if I go much further. I send some more vills to help as the meager attack force tries to clear out my town. He actually has his three CA stand around and try to destroy a watch tower. I delay him for some time by having one vill on stone, and another repairing the tower, which does not gain or lose HP in the ordeal. I soon have enough food to bronze, and simply wait for my TC to be destroyed by his camels. After a while, I build a few more vills to assist, and then a couple of slingers. Soon, he has killed all of the vills in my first base, and starts to wipe out my buildings. I TC a berry/stone/wood sweet spot, and hit the upgrade. I wonder how he felt when I bronzed as his half-hearted assault appeared to come to a close. I arrive in bronze and immediately research wheel. I marvel at the speed of my vills for a moment, before realizing that I need more gold to upgrade/build cavalry (I had managed to mine some when my base was in its death throws and I realized that I would be going bronze after all). I get the first armor and attack upgrades for my lone cav. I eventually get nobility also. It is a good thing, though, that I placed the cavalry at the top of my build order, or I might have been defeated. This one cavalry officer, with the help of my +1 range tower, chases away the CA that comes into my second base looking for me. I find out via chat that Tricky has scythes, and also that two of the others have teamed up. Much to my surprise, Tricky allies with me. He didn't say anything, but I ally with him and research writing. Unfortunately, it is getting late, and I have to wake up early the next morning. I tell everyone that I have to go, and give out my resources (no use letting them go to waste). After my resignation, I discover two things. First is that a huge iron war is going on all around me, while I am just getting started in bronze. Second is that my base is the only quiet section of them map. I had nowhere to run, and though I might have survived long enough to make a difference, I would probably soon have been swamped with HCats, Scythes, and other terrifying weapons of the final age. I wish I could have seen the end, and I hope that one of the others will give me some more information. Overall, it was a fun game, and hope to play more at future forum parties.
posted 04-19-99 09:34 PM ET (US)     1 / 2       
Hey, Shadow..

That was a pretty cool game even though I'm not much on ffa. Of course, we started allying up as soon as the game started.

You killed all but 3 of my fishing boats , but since I was Summie, I didn't really mind. I had 15 or so farms going. After I bronzed I was sailing around with a few ships and happened to run into Elijeh and we had a little war on the sea. I musta *******him off (LOL) cause the next thing I know I have about 20 or so ca's and camels in my town laying waste to my little iron army. It was quite a fun battle and he was kind to me and we allyed up.

I holed up for a while and decided to go with phals and had about 50 of 'em. I sent some to help out both Mack and Elijeh when I dropped.

It was fun...sorry you had to leave.

Cherub Desert R
posted 04-20-99 00:08 AM ET (US)     2 / 2       
put some space between the lines
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