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Topic Subject:Good game with a Stooge
posted 01-15-99 09:59 AM ET (US)         
Played a Stooge last night, though I can't remember his name. My standard setup: Large, continental, no reveal, default start, 75 pop, RANDOM CIVS

He ended up Egypt and I drew Greek. Bad. Ugly. Not good. About 3 minutes into the game, my sound goes. It's happened before. It's like something tweaks, and tehn all I can hear is a high-pitched whine. No sound effects at all. Yuk. Makes it hard to play too, no sound cues. So I'm playing in silence. Something else this does is slow the game down to a crawl, though I don't know why. We're not showing any lag, but the units are creeping across the screen. We up it to 1.5 and that helps, but not much.

I get lucky, because Stooge has drawn a horrible spot. He keeps complaining about no wood anywhere, although I wonder if he's feeding me a line. (After the game is over and I see the map, I see he wasn't joking. He had to cross a third of the map to find a forest and only had like 2 strags next to his TC.)

This slowed him down a lot. I mean A LOT.

I did a gran/dock/gan start and bronzed a little slow in 16 minutes. ONe reason was becasue of a severe lack of shore fish. I found one (one!) spot with three shore fish but they were too spread for a pit, so I docked it. The boats come out and I poke around a bit amd those three dman fish are the only fish on my whole friggin side of the map!

My explorer vill finds some shallows and crosses. There are more fish here so I build two docks, dock blocking and making more boats. Not many though, because I'm low on wood. This is during the bronze transition. Another vill finds another set of shallows and walls. I keep him on the Stooge's side. He builds 2 stables, getting one done by bronze. After the first stable I get a scout (my fising from the 2 docks blocking is paying off now) and I find Stooge choppers. I hit him with teh scout and they run. About 10 or so. He's don on a pennisula, so he walls me off with those 10 and I can't stop him, though I try. 1 scout couldn't do it.

I hit bronze and put out some cavs. Build another barracks for slingers to hit the walls (dumb!! why no seige?)

I bust through his wall and start in on the few vills I find. No ROS though becasue I didn't send a scout along, so vills get away.

Some camels show and chase off my cavs. The: four CAs roll into my base and start in on my vills. Bad news. I plop 2 stables down in my base (which pretty much uses up my wood) and get some cavs there. Finght off CAs, build more vills. I can't get ahead though. As fast as my Cavs come, so do his CAs. I'm critically low on wood and gold. He keeps getting around my cavs. No stone to wall.

This goes on for about 45 minutes and I finally resign. I just can't get anthing going. I can't get enough cavs to protect my vills and I can't get enough vills to boost cav production. He nicklt and dimes me with CAs. Never get enough wood after those last 2 stables to really do anything! I get an academy going in his home base (where he has rebuilt) but he counters that with a priest to convert my phals as I build them.

It was a long, slow silent game, and looking back on it, if I'd goine more defense instead of offense, I ight have pulled it out, that's how bad his position was in terms of resources.

Playing with no sound sucks!

Good Game Stooge!

Hey Farson, ask your buds about a game with The_Sun_God last night

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