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Topic Subject:Last night's game....with forumers
posted 04-15-99 11:55 AM ET (US)         
I hooked up with RajunCajunBoy, Stooge_Baal, King_highlander, Rounin, and HugoDominquez for a 3v3 random civ, narrows game. The game started with the random civ gods dealing cruely with us as my team consisted of Baal (Greek) on the left wing, RCB (Palmy) in the pocket, and me (Greek) on the right.
The bad guys were king_highlander (Assy) opposing Baal, HugoDominguez (Egypt) in the pocket, and Rounin (Choson) opposing me.

We started with the obligatory whining as is the birth right of all Greeks and Palmyrians in random civ games. There was no tool warfare, thank goodness, but soon Baal was reporting that Assy CA s were tormenting him. I bronzed and went with Cavs and began spreading down the east side of the map forward building near Rounin and Hugo. I found Hugo in the pocket first and sent my cavs in killing many villagers. He eventually stopped my raids as I moved a group of villagers down to take some gold near Rounin. He was already there so I attacked his miners with cav and dropped a TC near a forest while I made a siege workshop.

Rounin had walled off nicely stopping me from any villager killing raids into his home base. So I had to wait for STs while reinforcing my cavs with some hoppers and a few more cavs. Baal was taking the brunt of the Assy/Greek mismatch with Hugo's Egyptians dog-piling him. RCB attacked Hugo as well but we were unable to coordinate a lethal joint attack to unseat him or significantly slow his team's progress. I was in process of ironing when I heard Baal report the presence of Egyptian scythes. I was trying to building up a heavy force of Cats, Ballistas, and Phalanx to hopefully take out Rounin who was pretty much pinned in I thought. Baal declared that we were beat as scythes started filling up his side of the map hitting RCB as well. We were all thinking wonder and had a discussion of who should build it. I was picked although in retrospect I was probably in the best position to supply military to defend the wonder if RCB had built it. Our friends on the other team had denied Baal the chance to go iron.

I pulled back, out of Rounin's area and began walling behind me. I started pumping out more villagers and researched architecture, started mining stone like a man possessed and gratifully accepted tribute from my allies who were building up in my area to help with wonder defense. I hit the pop limit with over 60 real villagers ready to work, temples for those fearsome Greek priests and my rag-tag collection of cavs, phalanx, cats and a few ballista. RCB went heavy with camels, and I mean HEAVY! We triple walled the shallow between my land and RCB's where the scythes were roaming about raping the countryside; I gathered my villagers and "Woooonnngggggg!" The wonder was under construction.

The wonder was completed fairly quickly and it didn't take long for us to attract unwanted attention. I was furiously trying to wall off more and more of the land strip along the eastern border, but Choson ballistas, longswords (legions?), horse archers and ST came quickly. At the same time the Egyptian scythes came from the west banging on the triple layer walls at the shallows. My cats took care of that the first time anyway . We were fighting a two front war, wishing the clock would run faster. The mass of enemy troops grew and grew and eventually overwhelmed our walls. The action was very intense with adrenaline pumping as I saw the hopelessness of our situation.

I can't bring myself to describe the fall of our proud wonder ...sniff, sniff.... I'll leave that to those enemies of the arts and all things divine; those gluttonous philistines who would trample underfoot a great treasure to satisfy their blood lust, those barbarians incapable of producing their own masterpieces or appreciating the cultural gems of the magnificent Greeks and their allies the Palmyrians.

Allow me to retire now and weep in solitude.

Seriously, I was smiling, talking, laughing a little, on the edge of my seat, and thoroughly enjoying the last 20 minutes even as our wonder went down.

Thanks for the game.


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posted 04-15-99 12:35 PM ET (US)     1 / 3       

You did a marvelous job describing the game except for one fact: I was the egyptian and HugoDominguez was the Assy. I have to say that if a choson, assy, egyp, team lost to a palmy, greek, greek team that would have been bad. You 3 played great considering the civs you had.

I was on Baal quick by docking the shallows and buiding ranges and stables in his land. I also put another dock deep on his land and we had a brief but spirited naval battle with me taking out 3 docks and taking control of the waters. I personally think this was the key for me as I had great fishing waters the rest of the game. I took out 3 peons with an archer before he walled off. I pumped out STs and camels come bronze to rush his camp. Then, bang! Rajan had built ranges in Baals camp and swamped me with compies. I decided that since my base wasn't threatened and I had the waters to go iron at this point.

Just as I did that Rounin told me of his problems, thank goodness for his walls and defense. I figured that with scythes I would take care of the compies and the priests would take care of any hops that Baal offered. Rajan took his compies forward but bailed out near the water due to my ships which became tiremes just as he got there. He moved toward Hugo and was doing nice when I pulled off the move I should have taken a screenshot of. I had hidden stables and was pumping out chariots like nuts waiting for the scythe upgrade to kick in. I let him start crossing the shallows toward Hugo with STs and compies and Hugo fighting him on the other side when I brought the chariots in from behind. They tore through his army as he didn't have time to turn.

We now had 2 full armies and scythes kicked in and I built temples in Baals land. He tried to make hops but too late and his land was gone. I saw him move a lot of hops and cavs back into Rajans land so I made some priests and upgraded towers before I launched into their. Of course it was just as I was ripping through Rajan's land that they put up the wonder. I started to panic as I remembered reading the post about 3 deep walls etc. However, by this time Hugo and Rounin were starting to make advances and I built a navy to help get rid of the walls around the shallows and transports to cross the water with. I love scythes for the way they shatter walls and it wasnt long before I penetrated. The priests have no chance against scythes and the rest of the army put up a great fight allowing Rounin and Hugo to take out the wonder from the other side. I have screenshots just after the wonder went down but I think one of them has good ones. I am at work so I cant do them now but will later.

Great game but I think they would like to do it again with better civs. Thanks for the game, it was fun!

there can be only one you know him?

posted 04-15-99 06:40 PM ET (US)     2 / 3       
well, you two did a very good job of describing the game last night. i didn't really paid much attention to the rest of the board because i mainly try to stay alive in the game. as you all have seen, i was the one with the lowest score (if scores can tell you anything). i didn't know that i was next to jehu until after i send that villy up north to scout then got killed. jehu, you bronze when i was just in tool so that's why i had to wall myself out. i went to bronze really late because my starting spot sucks. i had to rely on farming even early in the game. though i had lots of wood and tribute some to king for his scythe. when you destroyed my TC next to that pile of gold, i thought you would go after me so i made a lot of ballistas and waiting inside my walls. and i had a couple dozens of legions waiting also. then when i see hugo and king took care of rcb and baal and hugo came over my side, i start moving out with my forces. at first, i thought we wouldn't be able to reach your wonder in time. it was a glorious battle. at least, i got my share in the victory and not let hugo and king took all the spoils. your wonder couldn't last that long against my dozens heles. i took a few snapshots of it. maybe if i can convert it to jpg then i'll post it up. good game you guys. hope to play with you guys again sometimes.


posted 04-15-99 08:15 PM ET (US)     3 / 3       
I don't know about the others, but I was trying to talk that wonder clock into going faster. There was desperation on both sides when they rushed Jehu's wonder. Man, that was a fun game. Jehu did great (he pretty much took up me and baal's slack). Whoever pulled that early attack on Baal deserves kudos. That setback for Baal really hurt us. I was penetrating pretty good when those triemes ate my compys lunch.

Anyway, quality games like this is what it's all about. Even though we lost I went to bed feeling good. I don't mind losing to people I know if it's a good game.

Thanks for the game all. I hope we have many more.

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