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Topic Subject:Food/wood management after bronzing
posted 01-14-99 05:16 PM ET (US)         
The biggest hole in my game right now is wood and food management from the 16 to 30 minute mark. I know how to boom to a strong bronze with 1000+ food to start with, but after this I run into trouble with resource management. I will begin assembling a bronze force with upgrades but I often find myself waiting on wood. At this same time I noticed my food is coming in much slower as a result of my fishing boats using up all the close fish. I now have to start micro-managing my fishing fleet while still be short of wood. I realize that I need to either farm or find more berries but once again, I am having to ration my wood. If I do farm I may not be able to defend myself.

Normally, I get the first wood cutting upgrade and the gold mining upgrade during the bronze transition time. But once I hit bronze I am usually concerned with building more ranges/stables, a siege workshop, another pit, and a government center, and as all of you know, you can't have too much wood at this time of the game.

How do the rest of you manage your resources leading up to and during this time frame to avoid critical shortages? I know some of you are quite good at this because I've played with and against many of you and have been impressed with your ability to field significant armies in bronze and iron in the mid 20s.

Some possible solutions that come to mind but that I haven't proven yet are as follows: I can do as Ender says and immediately train 10 villagers as soon as I bronze. I do this sometimes but I probably haven't managed them very well. Another is to rely less on wood dependent bronze-age units like CAs and STs and go more with camels, cavs, or compies, but that doesn't make sense with CA civs like Hittite, Assy, Egypt, etc…. Also, I may be making too many boats leading to bronze as I usually have about a 34-40 pop with 22-24 real villagers once I reach bronze. Regardless, problem lies somewhere else since these ideas are really treating the symptom rather curing my problem.

I would appreciate your comments



posted 01-14-99 06:20 PM ET (US)     1 / 11       
To be honest i only build 5-8 boats at max. I build my dock in tool age. I use shang and as soon as i reach bronze, i start pumping out guys non stop, to about 40-45 on 50 pop, and up to 90 on 100 pop games. If you seem to have a shortage of wood and food, put all your food guys on wood, while the wood comes in, take each vil individually and make him build a farm until all your food guys are farming. this works excellent for me.


posted 01-14-99 06:35 PM ET (US)     2 / 11       
I don't think anyone can answer that question without a little more data. How many of your natural food sources have you used up? Do you need a closer dock to trim travel time? Have you pitted wood close enough? With woodworking, you gather 13 wood every 18 seconds. (I think) Until you have wheel, you only travel 1.1 tiles/sec. Thus if your current pit is 10 tiles (20 round trip) 1/2 your time is spent walking! You would need twice the villagers to keep up. It is amazing. If you have 10 woodcutters, and can drop walking distance by 10, build a new pit and you are lumber ahead in 18 seconds!

Keep your stick on the ice.

posted 01-14-99 10:19 PM ET (US)     3 / 11       
Hey that seems to be my problem as well. So far I havn't been able to solve it, but I was thinking about the booming and 'infestation' techniques being used. As I see it to be able to boom faster you need several tc's. Well in Bronze Built them near wood or food but only but 3 or 4 vil at each location. this way it takes longer for them to finish the task and if you get attack you lose only four at most. I use to keep my vils together thinking that I could save wood by having 10 or more vils on one pit or granary. Now I'm starting to spread them out more and only but 2 or 3 vils per granary(or tc) and 4 vil for pit(or tc) either food or wood. When I go for elephants I make sure to use 6. This has help with micromanagment. Yes it uses more wood, but if you think about it 5 pits with 4 vils gets same amount of wood as two groups of 10 vils at two pits. The differnce is it takes longer for each group to finish thier patch and take longer walks. Also when the 10 vils finish thier wood patch you still have to build more pits. I have only done this twice in the zone, but while practicing against the comp it works great. My drawback is that I get spread out to much.

Just one last note I don't use 20 vils on wood that was just an example to get my point across. If someone else takes claim to this then lets me say now that I didnt read this anywhere on the net.

posted 01-15-99 00:02 AM ET (US)     4 / 11       
Well..ya might be using too many Boats. but otherwise put your 10 new villie son wood(try to keep 20+ vills on wood in bronze) I believ that wood is the link in bronze. Preferably go with les wood intensive units

posted 01-15-99 01:05 AM ET (US)     5 / 11       
I don't think you are building too many boats.. probably just the right ammount. IMO w/non Shang civs, 22-24 peons and 12-16 boats is a very good bronze number.. some times if you are having wood or food problems you may have to make a few less boats before you click the upgrade too speed bronze time a bit. Clearly that 1000 food should be used to create at least 10 new peons.. and more IMO if your boats are still hauling in the food. Especially with Shang, where I want MANY cheap peons, I want a GC and a second TC as soon as possible so I can pump peons from both, and since by bronze there is nothing left to gather anywhere near my first TC often, I like being able to produce peons at the 2nd TC which will usually be a major wood site. Additional TC go up at all other major worksites, until I no longer need the housing and to create more peons. Your right to get gold mining and wood chopping but don't neglect stone mining if you are mining any stone. Get wheel off course ASAP when bronzed. Try to get artisanship as soon as you can afford it. Try not to farm in early to mid bronze unless you are desparate for food and have loads of wood. If you are bronzing with 1000 food from your boom, but not enough wood, I sugest pulling most if not all of your peons of food as soon as you click the bronze upgrade ! Test this vs the computer and see if you get a better balance of wood and food. There is no need to build several new military building ASAP if you don't have a quick use for the military units you can produce from them. Try not to walk to far for wood, and don't hesitate to build extra SP's TC's by wood to minimze walking. Test vs comp again and see wahtresults in the most wood by a cetain time !

posted 01-15-99 09:19 AM ET (US)     6 / 11       
Once I hit bronze I build villagers non-stop until I hit the pop limit or run out of resources. One thing I've found that helps a lot is to build a 4-5 farms once you hit bronze. I know that eats a lot of wood but it can really help if your fishing boats are attacked or you run out of fish and don't notice.

posted 01-15-99 01:43 PM ET (US)     7 / 11       
Okay, lets say I bronze with 800 food 600 wood and 200 gold, lets say with Shang (25 Vills +15 boats)..I build 2 Siege Shops and a GC and I put half my vills on GOLD..I should be able to hit the Iron button in under 2 min. I'm not saying don't make ANY army, I use EXTRA food/wood that won't slow my iron time to make LITTLE army.

My teammates are usually like, "Dang, your Iron already!"

Isn't this better than pumping out 10 more vills immediately at bronze? I understand my economy is weaker, but usually I lay down a new TC by wood, and every peon I build during the Iron upgrade goes on wood.

And I know I better be WALLED IN, and I better pray the opponents don't go 100% bronze army.

But I know if MY opponent Ironed immediately after bronzing and I was trying to build a bronze army and Iron at the same time I'd be REAL worried.

And after I iron I have a decent amount (not a TON) of gold/food. So I can build HA's/CAVs and focus on getting enuff wood for scythes.

I know there are plenty of Holes in this, but the psychological trauma you cause by ironing in 17-19 minutes may give you an advantage. That and your making iron units while they are making bronze units.

posted 01-15-99 02:18 PM ET (US)     8 / 11       
Just in case you haven't already, try expirementing with Phoenicia their woodcutting bonus should make up for the inbalance you experience with wood shortages to the point where wood is an afterthought.
posted 01-17-99 02:09 AM ET (US)     9 / 11       
If you've got 1000 food but not enough wood when you get to Bronze, your economy needs some serious rebalancing. For goodness sake, 1000 food is enough for you to go Iron. AOE/ROR is a game where you have to constantly shift the emphasis of your economy depending on what you need at any given point in the game. After you hit the button for Bronze, shift some of the food villagers over to wood. Make sure you got enough food coming in to get the Tool upgrades you postponed until Bronzing and enough to get the Wheel as soon as you Bronze but shift the emphasis over more towards wood, especially if you are using a civ/strat which is wood intensive. Once you get enough wood for your Bronze Age buildings and an initial bunch of CAs (if that is what you use) then concentrate on food a bit more to get those upgrades, more villagers and Ironing.

posted 01-17-99 11:05 AM ET (US)     10 / 11       
I experience the same kind of problem. I play wood dependent civs very much. Once I am in bronze, I usually have 400+ food. I also click the wood upgrade in the first 1%-50% on my bronzing upgrade. I am always short of wood. I believe I feel short in wood because I would like to spend much more than what I have at this moment and even if a 1000 wood would appear magically, I would spend it very easily. I might go for 5 additionnal bronze building (i dunno, like 2 TCs, 2 siegeworkshop and a gov center) or getting another upgrade (like the second wood upgrade) or cranking 5 STs. My point is it's very easy to spend this wood... If you build a CAs army with a few STs, it's just terrible on the wood reserves too!

Well, here's the only thing I can tell you. Give yourself a salary raise!!! You wanna spend more than you earn so, crank those villies non-stop (i dunno, lets say until you're stuffed) and put them on wood!

I forgot, with the 400+ food I have normally once in bronze, it is normally enough to get the wheel, start cranking villies non-stop and start getting CAs... But I experience shortage on everything at this point...

I think I need a good advice too!


posted 01-21-99 02:00 PM ET (US)     11 / 11       
Hello everyone

Thanks for the feed-back. I've been out of town for about a week so I haven't been able to respond.


I've used Phoeny with success. But I don't like to limit myself to one civ.


When I boom enough to have 1000 food when I reach bronze I seldom have many villagers on food. Boats do most of the food gathering.

Y'all have thrown out some good ideas. I'll give them a try and report back. My main objective is to field a potent bronze army to mount a substantial attack and defend while advancing to iron in the mid to late 20s with any civ.


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