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Topic Subject:Any Macedonian Tips?
FanatiC KaBaN
posted 01-13-99 09:53 PM ET (US)         
Hey guys, i have been playing Macedonian a lot recently and i am thinking of writting a good, long guide that will cover them from Stone to Iron ages. But still i have some problems with them, and i need some tips.

In Bronze age i fight really well with them, in most of the games i would win battles in bronze and be able to hurt my enemy, but in Iron age i fall apart, i dont know why, but i just get weak. Here is what i do:

In bronze i go to make a Comp/ST/Hop combo.. with about 3 Archery's, 2 Seige W, and 1-2 Academy.... and 1-2 Stable ( used to build cav to harass enemy early on )

So once i iron, i build up more Seige W, and produce tons of Ballista and HA. And some Phalanx. Depending on game style, i would add Ele, more ST, .. etc.. So where do i go wrong? is it my poor iron switch that Not engeneered Ballistas don't work? or is it because i get overwhelmed by the "better" Iron civs?

Please respond with any tips and suggestions, i will make sure that i try them out. Thanks!

Your friend,
FanatiC KaBaN

posted 01-13-99 10:55 PM ET (US)     1 / 10       
Are you being out resourced? This can happen pretty easily without the wheel (especially woodchopping). With an equal number of vills they will bring in more res. because their vills are faster.

Just a thought


No Surrender, No Retreat.

posted 01-13-99 11:21 PM ET (US)     2 / 10       
I would just not even bother with ballistas in Iron. They don't get the upgrade to heliopolis and with only 40 hit points(thats right I think) they don't stand up to much in iron. I would build a lot more stables and go with heavy calvary>cataphract and armored elephants. Yeah I know they're slow but with 4 times normal resistance to conversion, good armor rating and an outrageous amount of hit points they can be very effective. Don't forget they also get trample damage to adjacent units, so keep them away from your own infantry but try to get the enemies infantry to attack them, they'll drop like flies. Macedonians also get Heavy horse archers and they can be quite effective as I'm sure you already know. Centurions speak for themselves so I won't say much on them although macedonians do get a +2 armor against missile weapon for them.
What I would do is build about 3 archery ranges, 3 stables, and 2 academy's. Forget about the siege workshops, you only get ballistas and against iron units they can only take 1-2 hits.Waste of resources I think. You could probably mount a stronge offensive push using just mounted units,cavs HH archers, and elephants. A quick sweep through with the cav and horse archers then clean up with els! Believe me a group of 15 armored elephants is something to be reckoned with. The only drawback is thier speed and cost.Oh yeah armored els also get Siegecraft bonus'.
Maybe this helps, maybe not

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AAH! Thats the life for me!"

posted 01-14-99 00:47 AM ET (US)     3 / 10       
I am far from a mace expert, but we did just have an interest 2v2 random cont game. It was me and plghh vs FWH_meo and FWH_MrsBownz... Mrsbownz and I get shang! and meo and plhgg get mace ! .. Plhgg is a friend who I brought it AOE/ROR and his style is the Minoan boom. He asks what to do w/mace so I tell him compies and half priced ST since that is Minoan-like I know he can handle it well. ... At start I can't find berries or any thing else to eat conviently and peon 9 is created w/10 food from a dead lion.. while my granary goes up on far side of forest.. anyhow all developes well from there and I get a second granary further away as I am near tool and 2 docks and bronze in low 13's w/26 peons and quite a few boats.(Amazing how Shang catches up from poor spot/start) I see I am ahead of the field and just before I completed bronze my 2 scouts were beating on Mrsbownz peons and then camels came which hurt her badly and battle meo's cav's while plghh's boom economy caught up. After some fighting I had wreaked both of them at sea and it looked like I'd soon have revenge vs meo for the beating he gave me the other day !We iron while Mrsbownz tries to recover. Plghh and I hit meo w/my scythe and HA plus his HA and ballista and we suffer vs ballista/ST/phalanx and most importantly ele's.. then meo beats up our most forward base and it is clear that unless plhgg has lots of ballistae the phant will hurt us! I tell him phants too and we turn the tide and win. It was also seen that range 9 ballista suffered vs range 10 ST. IMO Mace if it goes ballista needs loads of them and vs any civ w/real cats forget it unless you need to stop only a few advancing phants or infantry !Mace should keep ballista safe behind phants/phalanx and hopefully out of range of flying rocks !.. nice game FWH and you both did indeed Fight With Honor !

posted 01-14-99 02:57 AM ET (US)     4 / 10       
The iron age is a real challenge for the macedonians. I have had success by attacking in very early bronze with a quite bad economy, almost without stonies. The hoplites can really be hurting then.

After one enemy is beaten or retreated, I continue aggressive for a while, then switch to economy (something like 80% villagers) building. While I had attacked like a madman my teammates had time to build stronger economy, now in iron is mainly their turn. I'll support them with tributes and build mainly HA's and Phalanxes, occasionally AE's.

My main point is, that when the fight goes to iron age, the macedonians have to take very different role.

There is a macedonian mediterranean strategy at SimMayor's Rise of Rome Place.


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posted 01-14-99 09:45 AM ET (US)     5 / 10       
Here are some of my thoughts on the subject (I play Macedonia a lot too, btw. - a very fun civ to play, if not the most powerful).

For offensive operations in bronze, I think hoppers and STs are the way to go, an equal amount of each will usually do the trick. Previously I included compys but I don't think they are so useful anymore, its better to spend the resources on more STs. If you have a lot of them they are actually quite good at defending each other so compys are rarely needed offensively. They are a must for defense though, since you are very vulnerable to CA-raids otherwise.
In iron, you have to decide - ellies or academy? If your opponent has strong siege, you must use ellies, preferrably armored ones. If your opponent is more into scythe or rax, academy may be better due to their lower cost. As far as siege weapons go, this to is a judgement call. If there are cats around, especially hittite or sumer ones, I wouldn't bother, but against weak siege civs you should probably rely heavily on ballistas and stoners. As usual, HAs are mandatory for villager killing. I never bother with cavalry in iron though, with any civ. Too many things kill them (1 fully upgraded egyptian SC = 3 dead fully upgraded mace heavy cav), and they are too expensive IMO.

My 2 cents.


posted 01-14-99 12:11 PM ET (US)     6 / 10       
Above all, as Mace you should try to gain decisive advantage in bronze. Mace's iron is not very strong.

What units you build in iron depends on your opponent's civ and playing style. If he is non siege heavy. e.g. phoeny, choson or roman (legions, scythes), you should build a lot of balistas and cents. If he is siege heavy, use elles.

Mace bliastas are great units. I always build them. A mace balista is cheaper than a HA yet do a lot more damage! Balistas protect your peons well. Put serveral balistas in your base and space them out. These things will stop any CA, HA raids.

Mace balista is also a great answer to those brainless Scythe-only players (they used to be brainless CA-only players. ).

King Crash
posted 01-14-99 12:22 PM ET (US)     7 / 10       
I definetly agree they are not the most powerful race. I think they should get engineering to help their iron.

Anyway, hoppers/phalanx/cents rule. They are best in a team game where someone can help if the opponent has helis or heavy cats. In bronze, Mac's really rule since no one has ballistics and you can get in on the cats with some cavs.

If you face Helis, you die, but almost everything else you can handle. With the towershield, the Cents are a one man wrecking crew. Once cent can take out every chariot archer an assyrian throws at you.


posted 01-14-99 12:36 PM ET (US)     8 / 10       
One thing to remember with Macedonians is that stone throwers do almost as much damage as other cats to town centers, etc. So for beseiging anything but towers (which will hit back :-( or massed houses, Macedonian stone throwers are quite effective and cheap.

FanatiC KaBaN
posted 01-14-99 08:34 PM ET (US)     9 / 10       
Hey guy's, thanks a lot for the suggestions, i will try them out!

And about switching roles in Iron, that is what i would mainly do, since i usually do hurt 1 enemy in bronze, ( maybe even 2 )

PS, i may include some of your ideas in my Guide, and they are gonna be quoted

posted 01-14-99 08:57 PM ET (US)     10 / 10       
Problem with mace cav is that they do not get nobility which sucks.

Mace should be played like this, in bronze your only real competition is minoan, but they are beatable especially with cheap stoners. Problem with mace bronze is that you dont have the ability to strike all over the map like the CA civs have. The best way to play is build a base right next to theirs, well this is good for any civ, but make them real close, just outside of their town. If you can do this to all your enemies you should be fine cause you can attack their town at will. Once they hit iron though your buddies NEED to take over. I think a mace/hittite/roman combo would be absolute death for the opponents if played well. Mace for bronze, roman for bronze base defence and iron power( escorting hittite cats with helos and/or legion power ) and hittite for obvious reasons Mace bronze can handle all the enemy while your iron power buddies make it to iron. Its Beautiful

The Who

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