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Topic Subject:Do you remember the first time you played AoE
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posted 04-01-99 02:49 PM ET (US)         
Ah! I remember my first game.

First I remember finding a nearby artifact. At first I didnt know what to do with it. I made it go to each one of my buildings to see what would happen. Eventually I made it go around the map until I came upon a red granary. I sent a villager there and made it attack it(but at the time I didnt know what my villager was doing. I remember when the granary caught on fire. It was so sweet.
Then I remember finding a rock with little yellow dots in it. I had no idea what it was, and I was so amazed when my villager started mining it.
I also remember the first gazelle I slaughtered. It was so much fun.
Next I had found some fish, eventually I figered out that I could kill them too. I thought it was so funny to see my vills walking back to the town center with a big fish in their hands.
By now this was the most amazing game i had ever played. I was hunting gazelle, fishing, mining stone and gold, and chopping down trees. Eventually I got to the tool age and built a scout and enjoyed making it ride around. And then I saw it. It was a lion. I stoped my horse and stared at it for a while. After about a minute, I finally decided I was going to kill it with my scout. I made it attack, and I closed my eyes fearing the worse. When I opened my eyes I saw my horse standing triumphant, next to the carcass of the lion. I had a new found sence of confidence. Before long, I stumbled upon an elephant. Having killed the lion I felt confident enough that I could take on the elephant. One hit was all it took to kill my scout. I had learned a valuable lesson that day, and I kept my distance from elephants for a while. I also remember making my vills crowed around the scout's body in a moment of silent prayer.
Although I had found an enemy granary and destroyed it I had not even thought about the fact that their might be other civs living on the map, until a little guy wearing red pants came into my city. I made all my vills drop everything they were doing and made them all attack the red villager. I killed him, and I thought I had the toughest civ in the world.
10 seconds later my city was overun by chariots that killed my vills and set my buildings up in flames. I almost cried when I saw my people being slaughtered by these unknown barbarians.
Then when my last barracks was destroyed, the drums kicked in and "YOU HAVE BEEN DEFEATED" came up on the screen.
I couldnt beleive what had happened to my once proud civilization. All I wanted was to be left alone in peace. I remember kicking myself for killing the little red guy. Their was plenty of room on the map for both civs to live in peace but I had to attack the red villager. I had payed the ultimate price for killing him.

The second game I played I surrounded my city with walls and towers.

Do you guys remember your first game of AoE. Please share.

posted 04-01-99 03:05 PM ET (US)     1 / 32       
Now that is one FUNNY introductory story. Good post!
posted 04-01-99 03:26 PM ET (US)     2 / 32       
My first game....Of course I installed and started playing without reading the manual. I remember walking around the entire map with one of the initial 3 villagers until he walked into an enemy camp and eventually they killed him. The other two stood by the town center, (chatting?). Before I knew it many types of military units were attacking my town center, and the unforgettable "You have been defeated" popped up on my screen, I grabbed the manual and started reading.

I ain't got time to bleed!

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posted 04-01-99 10:10 PM ET (US)     3 / 32       
Lets see, my first time,

After a couple of minutes of playing I noticed that my villagers can do more than shake and say hillarious little lines like habidagis, rogan,and sumata. As I was constructing my small little stone age town, a red villager walked into my city, My brother told me to attack him so I went to the diplomacy and I made myself ally's whith them, Then I told him I cant attack him, he is my ally. We got into a big fight over wether or not I was gonna attack him.later on I saw a gazelle, when I killed that gazelle I felt a sudden fealing of great power, I kept killing them until I could not find anymore, I noticed that you could get meat from them when I killed the last one, when he walked back to my town center with that big hunk of pork, it was so hillarious. I did it over and over again just for more laughs, then when the gazelle meat ran out, I got really mad thats when I noticed I was standing in the middle of a bunch of gazelle corpses, thats when another gazelle rushed into my city, i jumped for joy, then I saw a lion kill it I got so mad at the lion, I killed it. As I was killing it I noticed I was fighting a lion, king of the jungle, then I said out loud. Ooops!!! Thats when I tryed to pull the villagers away, then suddenly the lion died and I was getting meat from him, I got some more laughs.

Without notice, my city had red villagers all over it. My brother kept yelling Kill them, Kill them, I said, "for thae last time, they are my ally's."

Then it happend, a bunch of Cavalry ran into my city and killed my three villagers and my little peacefull stone age town. as they slautered away my villagers and small stone age town my brother paniced wile I mourned, then the innevitable words flashed up on the screen :


I mourned for a wile, then I played again.

I hope you liked my story of the experiance.

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posted 04-01-99 11:56 PM ET (US)     4 / 32       
I remember the first time I played Aoe multiplayer on the Zone. Here is the story I wrote waayyyy back when in late December '98:

"I received a free copy of Age of Empires when I bought my new Micron computer about three weeks ago. After of couple of days of fooling around on the computer I decided to try one of my free games. I had no manual for AoE, only the little quick reference guide. The intro was pretty cool so I decided to try the beginning campaign. I was hooked after killing my first gazelle and chopping down a few trees. Man,this game was fun. I went through the first two campaigns on easiest, easy, and then moderate. Man I thought I was the sh*t.

Three days after I had been playing the game a freind of mine mentioned something called the "Zone" where you could play multiplayer games. I decided to give it a go and I downloaded the 1.0b patch and tried to play my first game. I figured at worst I would be competitive since I whipped the computer's ass pretty bad. I entered the "Plains" since it was one of the so-called Rookie Rooms. Ha. Here I would be playing other rookies like myself. One thing I noticed was the extensive use of acronyms like ffa, dm, rm, tvb. I had no idea what they meant. I would figure them out later. I entered the first room and found myself booted out. I thought there was a glitch in the program so I reentered the room. Boot, same thing happened. I was determined to enter the room so I got in a third time. Somebody typed, "your lag is bad, beat it." I typed back, "what is lag?" BOOT, out again. Oh well I'll figure that one out later.

Finally im in a room ready to play. The host is someone called RTS_Raymond. I picked a civ, don't remember which one, they are all the same aren't they? The game started and I was really excited. I immediately started picking berries and built a couple of houses. I chopped some trees down and built a barracks. About ten minutes into the game i have about nine villagers working furiously. I really don't need any more than that right. Hell i beat the computer with less. Well fifteen minutes into the game I have a intimidating army of five axemen (thats right baby, upgraded to axemen)and two archers. Almost time to go to tool age.

Suddenly out of nowhere there is a whole bunch of chariot archers beating up on everything. It is STS_Raymond. I figured no way he can have a force that strong already. Man he's beating the *****out of me. Im thinking that he cheated and start to ask him questions like, "How the hell did you get these guys so fast?!" After bout ten of my questions, he types, "read some strategy guides newbie." Newbie, hell im no newbie. Ive beaten the computer on moderate man. I was killed off and I resigned. When the map revealed I took a look at everybody's cities and was amazed at their development.

Now Im thinking that these are the rookie rooms and Im not even competitive. I pity the fool that get's stuck on my team.

Well im a little better now but still get my ass kicked most of the time. I cannot even imagine how good the players are that venture into the other rooms. Oh well ill keep trying to get better , I have no choice. My life for the meantime is consumed by this disease call Age of Empires.

PS: See you at the Zone! and STS_Raymond Ill get my revenge someday."

posted 04-02-99 00:10 AM ET (US)     5 / 32       
Well, my first experience wasn't so cool. I bought the game in Jan of 1998 b/c I thought the box looked cool. (I had just gotten a PII 233 after YEARS with a 386!!) So I was game crazy I had also gotten Quake II for Christmas to go with my brand spanking new pc and of course I was hooked on that. I played Age one time w/o reading the manual got my butt kicked much like the above posts and did not touch it again for about 3 weeks. Pretty soon I dug it out again and for some reason fell head over heels in love with it the 2nd time around. I played nonstop for about a month and then I hit the Zone. I lost many, won a few, played everyday when I came home from class and every night when I got off of work. My parents forgot who I was b/c I never went home on weekends anymore. I actually became pretty decent until I started graduate school in Fall of 98. Then I did not play anything!(I was in class on average of 10-12 hours a day) On weekends I stared at a tv and studied. Well, this Christmas I got RoR and so I am getting back into it. I dont have as much time as before b/c of two part-time jobs waiting for the schools to start back in the fall when I can begin my career as a Speech Pathologist....then I will have more money to buy more games and upgrade more often !

"I wish I was as good as someone else!"

posted 04-02-99 03:42 PM ET (US)     6 / 32       
LOL. You guys posts are funny.

I did the computer campaigns, and slaughtered all that was thrown at me. Being bored, I decided to try a 'multiplayer' game on the zone...whatever that was. I registered, after making very sure they weren't going to charge me, and entered the 'plains' room. Ha, I thought, these guys will see somethin' soon. I'm no rookie, but if anyone complains I can say it's my first game. It was a 2 vs 2. One guy was minoan, and my ally was choson. I picked........GREEK!! The mighty, all powerful greek. Visions of power danced in my head. I could almost see the unstoppable waves of centurions pounding over the hills and laying waste to my enemies pitiful civilzations...Alexander the Great, I thought, Yes, that's what they'll call me, another Alexander the Great. Well, I start off great, I'm thinking, I usually built 8 vills against the computer, so I'll use SIXTEEN here!! hahahha, they won't have a chance. After a while my ally starts saying help. I ask what's the matter. he says he's getting killed, and that he's in tool. my confidence soars.... I am in bronze, and have just built my first omnipotent hoplite. With my 16 vills and my hoplite, I am sure I can protect him...he moves near my base. I build three more hoplites, do all the upgrades, and build a cav. With great daring, I send some men to mine gold almost 12 tiles away. I'm thinking, I should do this in real life. I decide to find my weakling enemies with my cavalry, and crush them with my hoplites. My cav rides off into the gloom and is jumped by a lion. I kill it, but then I see a huge blob of orange appear in my town. OHO!! I think. The enemy vills have come to surrender!! I switch back to my town, just in time to see a bunch of catapult rocks demolish a granary and a fourth of my vills.

hmmmmm meteor shower, I guess....wonder what that was??

A second later, minoan compies start shooting at my hoplites. I smile happily. We'll show them, I say, "If only they knew the power, of the dark, ahme, er greek, side." My hoplites begin to build up speed, and are soon lumbering forward. The front one pulls back his spear, ready to plunge it into the bellly of the foremost archer. I am thinking " My first kill...ahah" Then, all the hoplites suddenly keel over and die. Hmmm, I think, suddenly anxious, this is not good. Four more of my vills are destroyed by something, and this time I see that its a "catpult!!" Hmmm I think, he's in iron... not good. I send my cavalry galloping in to the rescue, he runs into a swarm of arrows heading the wrong way, and topples from his horse. The Minoan proceeds to raze my baze and pick off the vills fleeing the destruction. Tears well in my eyes as my beautifully designed and place buildings - I had my Governmetn center on a cliff!! - is razed.. I quit after that and play a lot more single player.

posted 04-02-99 05:33 PM ET (US)     7 / 32       
STOP!!! My stomache is cramping, the tears are falling! I can't beleive that I am 'NORMAL'... These tales sound Identical to my own experience. I was particularly embarrassed when my 10 year old Son had to "show" me what the stones with yellow spots were for... I also remember going against a guy named, uhmmm, oh yeah, NathanC! I beleive it was my second zone game. Was real bad for my self esteem, even after he showed me some of his Bronze tactics.

Aaaahh, the good old days...


posted 04-02-99 08:20 PM ET (US)     8 / 32       
Aristotle, Vikes, eug1, DaRq_Malechai:

Always the same w/ you GUYS trying to use ´puters and/or playing ´puter games: you just never rtfm. Your own fault!

Happy killin´ anyway!

The Vixeness Herself

posted 04-03-99 00:36 AM ET (US)     9 / 32       
These are all great stories. I love hearing about how pathetic we once all were back in the day. Keep 'em coming.

(I am still a pathetic AoE player)

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posted 04-03-99 07:25 AM ET (US)     10 / 32       
well, I remember the begining, where I had my 3 vils, and went ALLL over the map killing any innocent animal in sight. Then when I was going back my town, somehow I dont remember building one, but it was there, and I saw a ballista shooting all my vils. I had no idea what is was, because I didn't even know there was anything else on the map except animals! Then, another time, I had managed to figure out to build vills, buidlings, so forth. I built a scout ship..and was exploring, and I saw this big mean red guy standing on a shallow part. I decided to go over and meet him, but he clubbed me. I clicked on him him and he died! I sent that scout ship everywhere on the map. I got all the exploration of the sea with it single handedly. About 2 mins later, I saw this scout ship at my dock shooting me. I decided it was too big for be, so I decided to give him 100 food to stop. Then he replied "Your petty offerings will not sway me from destroying your empire." If I would've been wearing boots, they would have been shaking. I was also amazed at watch towers, how I could put them up and they would kill anything that came by. Storage pits also came into use a week later, when I realized a forest 15 units from my TC wasn't "close"
posted 04-04-99 10:40 PM ET (US)     11 / 32       
I love these stories, I'll tell you my story later.
posted 04-04-99 10:55 PM ET (US)     12 / 32       

Well, let's see. It all started when two of my friends were talking about this really cool-sounding game called Age of Empires. It had Nuke Trooper guys, and when a horse guy died, he cracked his head open. Cool! Then I went to Ben(one of the two friends)'s house, and another friend of mine was messing around with the Scenario Builder. "This Hero Hector guy is REALLY good - he has 350 hitpoints. I put a whole ton of club-guys around one Hero Hector, and he wasted 'em all." Then I saw him make a scenario where he put two massed armies separated by a wall, then tested it, complaining that he couldn't destroy the wall (I think now that he made it his own wall). Whoa. I HAD to get this Age of Empires game NOW.

Eventually, I got the game. I played the Egyptian campaign and was enraptued by it. When I play the "Hunting" scenario now I wonder how anyone could have the patience to play it, but I did then. It was just awesome watching my guy kill a gazelle.

Then I went to Death Match. I started out, and was floored by the number of resources I had. "Whoa, I can make TONS of Clubmen NOW!"

Needless to say, I didn't win that game. "Temporary setbacks." I played a game on the Zone, unfortunately with the same sort of tactics I used on that Death Match game. "I'll be more smart about my technology, and upgrade them to Axemen! Then I'll REALLY be awesome! Hah, I can take ANY of these losers on the Web!" Then the Chariot Archers came...


Cherub Herodotus
posted 04-05-99 11:28 PM ET (US)     13 / 32       
Ah yes, I remember when I first bought Age of Empires...*screen blurs to flashback*

I was walking through a computer store in New York looking for a cool game to buy. It was summer and I needed a new computer game. Well, I saw this one game, The Age of Empires. I picked it up and looked at the back. "Wow!", i thought. "These graphics look cool!" I liked Command and Conquer so this would be fun. Then I remembered seeing this game on TV. It was an add for a new game out by Microsoft. So I was determined to buy it. I went back home to North Carolina after a few days and headed for Electronics Boutique. I bought it and took it home. Well, I read the book for about 10 minutes, i should do ok, besides it looked pretty big so i didnt have time to read it all. I installed it and started playing the Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign.

Wow, it was awsome! I had it on the default settings which was like 680*something and they guys looked really big. "These graphics are a TON better than C&C", i thought, "The guys look a lot cooler!" Well, I killed my first gazelle. It was awsome watching him carry those huge hunks of beef. I laughed at that for a while and played on. I beat that scenario and the next, and then i died. Well, I went to the main menue and saw something called "scenario editor". Wow, i'll try this. Well, I soon realized that I could put ANY UNIT I WANTED. So I went crazy with walls and towers and chariots and elephants and legions and centurions. It was GREAT. Then I killed the wimpy computer players.

Later I got on the internet and searched for Age of Empires sites. I was originally looking for codes but i stumbled upon AoE Heaven. It opened my eyes to how good AoE was. I played and played and played. Got 3 friends to buy the game and thats how i got where i am today.

Cherub Herodotus

posted 04-06-99 00:05 AM ET (US)     14 / 32       
Yes my first game was a very sad one. I started out by not even knowing that berries were taken to a granary. Then i built all the stone age buildings. After tooling in 45 min i made a wall. Next thing i knew 2 STs come crashing in. then later on a few legions came into my town. While this was happening i was watching all my villagers get killed by an elephant i was trying to hunt. I then realized i could make axe men. I was really mad so i came to aoe heaven and got the crappy bronzing guide. It has done wonders for me.Actually i didn't even know you could fish!!!!
Steve Ryan
posted 04-06-99 00:36 AM ET (US)     15 / 32       
My experience seems vastly different from everyone else.

I would never buy a game without a trial first (been burned too many times before). So I downloaded the trial version of AOE and started it up.

Wow it looked cool.. the first thing I played was the trial scenario. It was a bunch of Egyptian Chariots and swordsmen vs a heavily (hahaha) fortified Greek city. Without a manual or much in the way of instructions I struggled for a while but then got the hang of moving the units. This was sensational… the killing, the units, the look.. wow !

Next I played the little campaign that came with the trial. You start with just a priest.. what do I do here ? One of his actions said convert so I did this to a villager .. he became mine. Made a town centre. Chopped wood, made more vills, sent the priest out for more conversions, got clubbed, retaliated, got wiped out, tried again… hooked !

I purchased the game as soon as I could find a copy. I played everything on in about 2 days (pretty good going on a 486). I then discovered AOE heaven, downloads, wow ! Played a game called “The Summit” by Hamlet. This blew me away… literally ‘cause it took me about 10 goes to beat it ! Then another called “Let my People Go” by Tom Izack.. a different puzzle style scenario. Then I got heavily into scenario design.. even wining an AOE contest with a scenario called “The Relay”. I then became a cherub for a little while and reviewed a Rise Of Rome Contest won by the best ever scenario designer “Imhotep”.

Next I bought ROR and got a newer machine and a home internet connection. I started playing online. I had already read lots of strats so I wasn’t a complete loser first up. I was hooked all over again.

This game has given me so much enjoyment over 14 months if I was paying by the hour I be up for $ 1,000’s.

I could waffle on for hours……

posted 04-06-99 08:33 PM ET (US)     16 / 32       
My first Age of Empires game was with the trial version. I was looking through the game demos on my MSN CD and I see Age of Empires. So I install it. I go to the campaign section. I did not know they had an order, so I picked the third one. (on the demo, all scenarios in the campaign are shown, you don't have to beat the one before it to get one. Did that make sense? ) The one I picked started you of with 2 priests. It took me a while to figure out how to move a priest. I was used to LOTR 2 (left click, Left click), so I had a hard time with right -left. So, I finally figure out what a priest DOES. I get some villagers, figure out what they do. WOW! I can build stuff! But then, here comes a yellow clubman. I bone him to death. I get some clubmen and find yellow's town and kill it. Then I build a little town where his was. I get a dock and a scout boat. I find some red axemen. (I forget what the tribe name was.) Yay! I can shoot them with my boat and they can't get me! Red cannot get my town because of water. do I get across to get HIM? (I also advance to the Bronze Age. Wow! A hole slew of new units! I build one or two of each. This takes a couple of hours and many tries.
Then I have to quit.

I plan my attack. I remember a boat at the dock called a Light Transport. Ah-Ha! When I get back to the game, I build a transport. I take some axemen and bowmen and set sail for the land of the Red. My axemen etc. land and kill a villager. But then I see a Shortswordsman. It kills many of my men. So I send a villager over to build a mini casle. Ha! Now my archers shoot the swordsmen and they can't get me! I move my priest over and convert some of his. Eventually, over a few days, I get chariots etc. and overrun Red's civ. Now I remember-the red guys were the Mittani(Not that it matters. ) I win! yay!

Then I decide I MUST get this great game! So I buy it and install it. I only have time for a short game so I think-hey, a tiny map will be fast. But I am used to the trial so I die very early to tool units.

Sorry this rambles on and on...


"A battle won is not a war won"
My AoE/RoR website: .

posted 04-10-99 04:22 AM ET (US)     17 / 32       
Sure I remember my first game only it was RoR - a trial version on some magazine CD.So,it does'nt have help or manual anyway i start up & i've got 3 vills so left click left click i find wood i send them both chopping (i got my own woodchuck!)& then i try to create more but i keep getting "You need more food" Food?what's that?& then these red guys pop outta nowhere shooting arrows & start chopping my vills down (i hate that uhhh sound they make!)& then i manage to build a barrack & i still got just 150 food & then this guy with a sword pops out & starts belting me so i quit.Lame huh?But anyway i'm hooked now (full version Aoe what did u think?)& i'm thinking of going online.Brave me!
posted 04-10-99 05:51 PM ET (US)     18 / 32       
Guys I read all your posts and they were so funny. From all this newbie experiencing I must say those lines from RajunCajunBoy really made me laugh the most:
I entered the first room and found myself booted out. I thought there was a glitch in the program so I reentered the room. Boot, same thing happened. I was determined to enter the room so I got in a third time. Somebody typed, "your lag is bad, beat it." I typed back, "what is lag?" BOOT, out again. Oh well I'll figure that one out later.
ROFL!!! Since O_Capt left RoR you are now promoted to funniest guy of the forum . Great post.

Now here is my story:
Unlike most of you I first went through the demo, the tutorial (Egypt learning campaign) and the manual and then played singleplayer campaings and random games. So I didn't experience such funny things like you all did, ... sorta . One thing I remember is I first felt bad about hunting gazelles because I do like animals in real life . So I always searched for berries and farmed instead of killing those friendly bambies. Second it took me quite some time to figure out which goodies needed a pit and which needed a granary. I was always happy when I was bronze and could get multiple TC's. (Took a while too before I realized what exactly I needed to get more TC's.) I also never found out on singleplayer games why sometimes my villagers only caried 2 items of everything instead of 10. It took me a month of Zone gaming and internet strategy reading before I figured out Jihad did this . In every RTS game I always have been a technology player. I was such a guy that first upgrades units and then builds them because that would be more economically justified . It really surprised me using this strategy degraded my villagers' carry capacity .

Then multiplayer (don't laugh too much, I never played any game before online). My first AoE game in the Zone was in the Mediterraenan room early October last year. I joined a 2vs2 game and the host launched. It took me a while to get the team set and clicked "I'm ready" but the other players were friendly and helped me through. I took Egyptian because they just had the coolest building set IMO . Since I was playing in Mediterraenan I expected a Medit map. I thought that the maps were selected somewhere in the Zone. Funny thing was that the map really looked Medit at the end, with only islands on the sides and a huge puddle in the middle. Unreal I thought, multiplayer has more new map types, I can't wait to try all the other different rooms!!! LOL . Now I realize he must have set it to large islands and that I was lucky that it looked a bit like an RoR Medit map. But you can understand the first incomprehension I felt when my other games in Med were on completely different maps .

OK, the game itself then. I was so freaking nervous before the game even started and also during playing. I was shaking continously because this was my first multiplayer game EVER! I was continuously afraid of doing something stupid or something else that would upset the other 3 players. I started out on some sort of peninsula with the sea in front and a nice lake in the back. The lake was connected to the sea of course. I don't remember exactly but I probably built 10 villagers or so before going to tool. Shortcuts I even didn't hear of of course . Just like singleplayer I wanted to go to bronze first and then slowly build up a huge army. When the army was ready I would attack. But my enemy had other plans. While I was only a few minutes Bronze 5-6 enemy galleys attack me from the front sea. Ack! This was my first contact with the other players since I even didn't chat a single line nor did my ally. I had 1 dock there and a few galleys (no fishing of course ) and 1 dock in the back. I shifted all my villies to wood and started building galleys from my two docks. I lost a lot of ships and also land units/buildings but when 3 galleys from my lake dock sailed all around the peninsula and came helping the other galleys I somewhat held the enemy away. I build more villies (because I lost some). Then all this sudden enemy units are standing on my land. Ack! Where did they come from? They included 3 ele archers and other units as I remember and stood right in the middle of my stone/gold/wood supply. Oops. Lucky I had some compies left (my only land units) from my fight with the galleys and I could kill his land units except for the EA's of course. 2 of them slowly got down by my war galleys but I lost all my villies there. The technology player I was, I of course had every different type of building on my land. I don't know how I did it but I decided to build a priest and I got the last dumbo converted and started healing the creature. This was the first moment I felt somewhat a victory. Here I was in Bronze Age and I converted a 600HP Iron Age ele archer. It stood proudly guarding on the hill there and I felt like it was my undefeatable hero so I started mining/chopping there again with my villagers, protected by only this EA and very few compies. With 2 galleys from my lake dock I started exploring the map, sailing clockwise into the unknown. I was happy to find the same enemy who raised havock on my land and found lots of joy in killing some fishboats and a dock of his. A little later the game ended. Huh? Ooh. My ally built a wonder and he held it. LOL I forgot about that but he never even told me he was planning it too.

Conclusion: I think there was not a single expert player in the game and we all were a bunch of rookies with me the least experienced one. My ally was the better rookie since I saw after the map was revealed how much he beaten the 2nd enemy and how he more or less dominated the bigger part of the sea. But he never told me about his wonder plans and I didn't have a single unit on his island to help defending. But the fight on my island really was fun and the enemy's galleys always kept my vill pop below 10 but I felt like the great winner just because I got that one EA converted. (When I first saw all the units I thought he was completely gonna wipe me of my island).

Other things that were hard for me at the first 10 multiplayer games were the abbreviations and the clock system. First time I saw something like "@6" I thought "huh?" what does he mean? I sort of neglected these messages for quite a few games until some ally was really desperate in knowing where my TC was located . One other thing that was new was the way how the map was revealed after the game which doesn't happen in singleplayer. I remember I tasted this a few times but when I wanted to leave the game and saw the entire map I always clicked 'Quit Game" and thus never saw the map. After seeing some messages like "..... has resigned" I once typed "resign" or "defeat" in the chat box in an attempt to see the whole map before leaving . A friendly enemy once told me that there was a "resign" button in the menu bar. LOL. Not to mention all the times I started chatting without changing to ally chat first . I'm glad that's not the issue anymore in RoR.

I can go on and on about this but it's getting too long already. I hope you have enjoyed reading it.


"Of all Gaul, the Belgae are the bravest" - Julius Caesar, 58 B.C.

Josh the Great
posted 04-10-99 11:19 PM ET (US)     19 / 32       
First of all, I think this a great thread! I've been having a great time reading about how you all started. Here's my version of the story:

I got AoE for free when I entered some competition in July of 1998. I rushed home and put the CD in my brand new P266. As it installed I unfolded the technology tree and suddenly got very scared.

I started up the game without paying too much attention to the book that came with it. It was pretty skinny right so I could read it later, right? The one thing I did see in the book was how to play the learning campaign. I followed the instructions and the game started.

Hey! Cool! You get to kill animals in this game! Now only if those little buggers would hold still long enough for me to stick them in the throat with my spear. I hunted the gazelle and it took longer to get to and from the town hall than it did to cut the meat out. I built a few more villagers and a house - basically following the instructions. I never did find the alligators there and I so wanted to watch a villager get eaten .

This was all fine and dandy until I tried my hand at a random map. I didn't know you were supposed to have in excess of 20 villagers in the game (I had only just learned that you could advance through ages). Being a player of Warcraft, I put two villagers on trees, two on food and another walking around building stuff. I took a couple of clubbers into the enemy village and got my butt kicked. He had people on white horses that knocked over my clubbers and that was that.

I'll tell you about my online experiences some other time. Keep the stories coming.


FanatiC KaBaN
posted 04-11-99 00:10 AM ET (US)     20 / 32       
Oh man... i dont know where to start.. i have had a lot of first game experiences..

First of all i have not read the manual when i started playing, and i played a lot of games. When i first opened the box (in the car getting home) i saw a chart and all the civs/techs.. WoW i though, very difficult game.

I came home installed and played

I played many games, so i will just tell you the funny things.

first i built 4-5 houses and waited for more villagers to pop out of them.. nothing happened.. 'oh it takes time' i though.. then i decided to get food and see what happens.. i stumbled up on an elephant and attacked him with 3 of my vills... 2 died and 1 was hurt.. oh well i chopped some trees with him and got some food... no more vills, then i went to discover a bit, and ran into a lion, i think i have killed him, but soon after i was dead... stupid yellow cav.

Next game i found that stone with yellow dots on it

After that i let my bro play and grabed the manual and the chart. I found out how to make vills and told my brother, after that we started building vills and clubman... oh i remember that time when my bro went to defend hit town from cav with his clubbers.

After that game we got "better" now we only lost cause comp build wonders or got all ruins/artifacts... that was making me mad..

I also remember my bro getting mad because his identical cav couldn't kill comps one.. (didnt know about upgrades)..

Oh and the first time i saw chariots and CA.. i was so happy to see them.. and the way i used to build walls.. tile by tile by tile. God, and i can still picture me defending a ruin and my pit by the bushes.. and wondering why my vills go to a diffirent pit instead of the one right next to it..

Oh and the hoppers that i couldn't kill.. i wasted a lot of units on those.

After 2 days singleplayer i headed over to multiplayer.. i really didn't care what people though of me.. it didnt come to my head that they would hate me because i suck. So i played multiplayer.. being really confuse by the numbers... 9,6,3.. not knowing how to check score just being totally pathetic. They lost because of me..

Well i stuck to multyplayer.. i played many games and learned "fast".. i headed to rated soon and lost a game fast.. and really *******some people off because.. yes.. i was lame, i would always load a tranny full of vills and sail out to the corner of the map.

gosh that was mean stuff... oh and i remember my DM.. i though i have cheated somewhow when i saw all the resources i had.

I actually won a game in rated too i used the name casper102 back then... and joined a clan after a weeks worth of practice.. but 2-3 months later when i left, i was one of the best ones there.

Gosh.. and the i started FanatiC.. man i had pressure, i was determened to do good, really good in every game..

then RoR came around.. lol, i remember when i killed a guy with 3 slingers.. i loved then, and i remember playing Rome and not having anything to build that i wanted. And then those camels came trying to kill me..

And then Age of Kings... oh.. we are not that far yet

Hmmmm... i wonder if this is my longest post ever.

posted 04-11-99 02:16 PM ET (US)     21 / 32       
The first time I played, I did a 12:50 bronze and with a cav rush I took off my enemy. LOL.
Well, I remember the first time I played a multiplayer game. I remember winnig the game because I figured out to research wheel. My enemy, who was a friend of me and who never played that game before, asked me how could I build cas and I did not explain, and went on winnig for a time. Then he discovered eles. LOL. Funy days, when I did not know when I could bronze the moment I saw the map. Ah..
posted 04-11-99 03:49 PM ET (US)     22 / 32       
lol I tried the same when I found my first artifact
I just rember I was nrevous, cusit might be like civilization which I did not like(never could beat it) but when I got it up I did the sp by berries and so on but i was amazed.
I aslo build granry by gazelles

First multi:
Got tower rushed by a guy, scared me of for 2months which I regret beeing away, it was after I wnet to the aoeh forums that I began to play multi though I was nervous as hell.
Took me 5-6 games just to win and 10 game sto win a 1vs1

"Your shadow is the proof of your excistence. The shadow is the sun's footprints on earth."

posted 04-11-99 04:28 PM ET (US)     23 / 32       
Yes I stayed in stone age adn made about 10 clubman and then a clubman and one calvery came adn kill my clubyes then more came and i die lol i stayed up all night to play it and now I can do a 13 min bronze with phon so haha good luck on battle feild
posted 04-11-99 05:20 PM ET (US)     24 / 32       
I bought this game because many of my friends were playing it online. So I picked it up from my local gaming store, thinking that I can have the fun that they mentioned so many times...
This is my FIRST ever strategy/war game. I had no previous knowledge of this game type and never thought I would like it. As many of you have done, I popped it into my CD drive and started playing without the manuel. Here it goes...
(I think) I started with Shang. "WHY THE HELL IS MY SCREEN PITCH BLACK?" "COOL!! I have three little top-less guys standing around a place called Town Centre. I wonder how they move." So I reached for the arrow keys on the keyboard. "Umm...... not working..." By trial and error, I figured out that the right mouse key is VERY VERY useful in this game. "OH! My little guys are wiping the BLACK stuff off the screen." "What does that note say? Right click to chop tree?" And there it is, my very first woods.
Not knowing the difference among buildings, I built one of each very close to each other. "NEAT! A clubman. They sure look cooler than those villigers." I started making those guys and attemped to assign them to pick barries, chop trees, and hunt gazelle. "No good, they don't listen to me..." "Why aren't there no food when the gazelle died?"
Then some top-less guy in red boxers came to pay me a visit, and my clubmen gave him a nice welcome. "Too late. He's already dead." And I heard a siren. "What the... where did that guy get arrows and bows?" "Clubmen, CHARGE!" but they never reach the bowmen. It didn't take long for the people in red boxers to wipe out my 10-man tribe...
Josh the Great
posted 04-11-99 06:07 PM ET (US)     25 / 32       

The first time I played, I did a 12:50 bronze and with a cav rush I took off my enemy. LOL. - BurchaQ

Hey were you some kind of natural? Hehe I wish my first game was like that - I didn't even know you could have guys on horses until I got beaten up by them online. Well done

My first online experience was...hmmm.....

I signed up onto the Zone (hope it's free) and went into a rookie room. I joined up into a room with some people that didn't mind my abysmal ping (New Zealand is a long way from other places ya know) and we started up a TvB, conquest, highland, large map, (no cheating D'OH!) These people were tremendously helpful to me in my time of need

Ok. On my FAST P266 I was the first one ready and I felt pretty good about that The game started and I still wasn't familar with the concept of training zillions of villagers. I ended up with 8 and it took me ages until I finally made it to tool. I was attacked when I had 2 bog-standard (no upgrades) clubbers and 2 equally as powerful archers.

I remember the scene now. I yelled to my ally HELP! But alas, he was having the same problem (but on a much bigger scale). He tributed me some wood and left me to it.

I saw the number of cavalry there were and decided the place was stuffed so I rounded up all the villagers I could find, "I'm not beaten yet!!!" - and went off to build another town centre in the bushes on the other side of the map. The enemy hunted me out and I kept running until eventually:



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