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Topic Subject:Newbies in Rated...
Cherub Sting
posted 03-31-99 00:41 AM ET (US)         
From the desk of Sting, comes his latest rant. Newbies in rated. Do they belong? Is this for everyone? I ask this question to YOU.

When you play rated, you play for the competition and prestige of having a good rating (hopefully thats why you play?). But aha, you didnt count on that newbie to be on your team. And so, in the sake of this rant, I will give all you newbies out there who want to play rated the tips and tricks of the trade.

1)Never join games that arent titled Newbie, unless the host has a low rating.
2)Play 1v1. Learn the game, and you dont hurt anyone but yourself.
3)If you are unsure of whether or not you belong in a game, inform them that you are kinda new to this game and still learning. Trust me, if they are newbies/rookies also, they will let you play, because now they are also more comfortable playing with you. If they dont want you there, leave. Its that simple.

This post was brought upon due to a game last night, I apologize for the harshness of it.

posted 03-31-99 01:12 AM ET (US)     1 / 8       
Sting I understand your gripe but you should do better to limit play to those within your rating. I know when I played rated back in the AOE days I only played with 1750/1800+ in teams. In solo who cares.


posted 03-31-99 02:58 AM ET (US)     2 / 8       
That happened with me & O_Captain last week...well sort of. It wasn't in a rated room, it was in Quirinal.

Anyway, I joined, announcing I'm not very good. O_Captain told me these other guys are pretty tough, and we agreed that I wasn't ready for that level of competition, so I left.

No hard feelings; I found another game to play, plus a day or so later I hooked up with O_Captain & Scarab and we had a blast (see the "too many great games to report on" thread).


Cherub Shadow8357
posted 03-31-99 08:31 AM ET (US)     3 / 8       
I thought the ratings were supposed to allow people to better match skill levels. I always assumed that players with low ratings would play each other, so that they would not be ill matched as in other room (as would those with high or medium ratings). I hope rookies would be able to avoid games that are too high a level for them.
posted 03-31-99 08:59 AM ET (US)     4 / 8       
Microsoft has released their "gold pack" and AoE is sold to many new players outside the USA. The CD tells the new players to "come to the zone" so they do.

I agree with you Sting newbies don't belong in rated. But if new players don't come to multiplayer what will happen to the game? With all the experts using smurf 1600 names what's a newbie to do except ask

Hehehe here's a idea, Remove ALL the walls from all the rooms and make zone multiplayer one huge MOSH PIT of gamers! YAY!

posted 03-31-99 09:05 AM ET (US)     5 / 8       
If a rookie (or anyone)decides he or she wants to start playing rated games, he or she should start out with 1v1s. This will give you a more accurate indication of your basic skill level before starting rated team play. 15 to 20 1v1s will give you and your future opponents an idea of your skill level.

I agree with Shadow. The main reason for ratings and rated rooms is to provide a means of outcome prediction that will help you set up enjoyable, competitive games against similarly skilled opponents.

posted 03-31-99 10:36 AM ET (US)     6 / 8       
Poor Sting (seriously). Same thing happened to me last week (at least they dropped early for the 1v3)

Sounds like you had a whopper of an ally. Did he ask you what a TC was?

True Newbies definately do not belong in the rated rooms. Someone with a 1600 rating and zero games is not necessarily a newbie (although most likely).

I agree with your rules/suggestions 1-3. The 10-20 1v1 games to cut your teeth is a well thought out suggestion.

posted 03-31-99 11:26 AM ET (US)     7 / 8       
I'll put my 2 cents in since this reminds me alittle of the my experience w/ cases ladder. My experience was no experience, no one would play or give me a chance. Everyone was rude and snobish. So I gave up on cases. It wasn't till rated rooms did I start playing in competetive settings.

To make matters worse, and not entirely at the players fault (I will explain why) you have several smurfers. So a 1600 player is unknown what they are, either a heavy hitter, or a true newbie.

Now why do players smurf? I think for the most part, though there are other reasons from getting revenge to messing w/ friends, people smurf because they want to play. You get a 1750+ (in ROR wont comment for AOE) name and no one wants to play you, or it takes forever to get a game going.

I even have a name that just under 1700 but I didn't have any losses (Capt was on a hot streak) and I can't play w/ that name anymore. Amazing how paranoid people get. I have even challenged a few 1900+ players with the name and they wouldn't play till I told them who I was. Not a chance I was going to say O_Captian, they would say "Who the heck is that"?

So this is my advice, be as open and honest as possible, at the end of the night it is your ugly mug you will see in the mirror. Yes, you will get the rookies (and it can seriously imbalance the game) but think of it as getting a bad position. No one is going to think you are a bad player when it was suppose to be a 3v3 but in all reality was a 2v3.

Further, there are some that say this is just a game and winning isn't everything, well they don't understand how awful it feels to lose! LOL, seriously, its human nature to find a scapegoat, and if we have a player we can put the blame on, we lay it on thick.

However, if you did everything perfect, it is possible to win against the odds. So, consider what you could have done better on your part and take some of the blame yourself for the loss.

I reason I say this, if you land blast a newbie, the worst is bitching about him during the game, like if we didn't get Newbie_Lost_It we would have won. Or the famous, I want a rematch w/ better players.
If you do this, it takes away from the fun of the game.

Well enough ramblings.

posted 03-31-99 12:05 PM ET (US)     8 / 8       

I agree with you regarding the high rating issue. Back in AOE once your rating was over 1800 the only way I could get a game was to have one 1650 rated person on my team, one person with a 1510 rating against 3 1700 players. GEE THANKS!!! I'll play with one hand tied behind my back for the 1st 15 mins.

I have grown to hate rated because I have enough dishonesty and "gaming" of situations in my real life to then have to deal with it in my relaxation time. Quirinal with zone friends is just fine by me.

BTW I played for the 1st time on a weekend so I got to play with some forummers which was really fun (see the latest posted game report). Hopefully I can get a few games on the weekend or some of you will play on the zone during the week. Its TGO_NoSoup4U and a few other names. Hope to cya around.

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