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Topic Subject:Mabye I'm just stupid...
posted 11-11-98 00:19 AM ET (US)         
Does anyone else out there besides me think that CATs are just the worst weapons in the game? Every time I use them it turns into a disaster. Whenever I deploy cavs to waste any other CATs or archers that would kill mine, my CATs seem to move up all by themselves and start raining fire down on me. Or when enemy cavs rush me the cats open up destroying me and themselves leaving the enemy virtually untouched. They drive me nuts. I switches to hellopolis cause they do alot more damage in the same time and they dont have an area affect so they cant kill me. Also their rapid fire lets them defend themselves from things that get past my other stuff. Thier short range is the real downside.

What am I doing wrong? How do I fix it? If I didnt know better I'd say my own CATs were working for the enemy cause they always seem to kill more of me than they do of them. Stand ground doesnt seem to work either, I can hit it a million times and the cats still run off chasing villagers while pummeling me with rocks while trying to hit the enemy...

posted 11-11-98 08:18 AM ET (US)     1 / 1       
Cats do take a bit of micro-managing. If you just let them be they could hurt you. Always bring other units with them for support. Watch out for ghost houses and walls that can cause cats to kill each other. The cat's hitpoints (especially Hittite) are nice compared to Helepolis.

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