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Topic Subject: How much gold is on a map?
posted 03-30-99 04:01 AM ET (US)   
I just finished a 2v2 highland game on the zone where my teammate and I were shut out of all the gold probably 20 minutes into the game. (Note to myself: Protect the gold!) One opponent dropped shortly after that, so we valiantly pressed forward, throwing our chariots and chariot archers against his eles and cats. After an hour of trying Russia's WW2 strategy (overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers), it was apparent we we losing badly. (Well, it was apparent long before that, but we played anyway.)

After we resigned, I checked the achievements to find that our enemy had mined over 20,000 units of gold! (Compared to my 1300.) Is there that much gold on the maps or could this have been a case of the hidden hack?

posted 03-30-99 04:11 AM ET (US)     1 / 3  
That sounds reasonable to me. I once played a 3 vs 3 where 2 of my opponents dropped. Making it a 3 vs 1 in our favour. Well needless to say we got our butts whipped by that one player.(Beware Lord Hubris as I believe he still plays under the same name) Anyway I was fighting valiantly up to the end and hoping he would run out of gold. At the end I had mined about 12000 gold to his 25000. Thats when I realized I was doomed to be an expert wannabe. If you want you can read about that game in the multiplayer stories under "this guy is good".
posted 03-30-99 12:06 PM ET (US)     2 / 3  
Accumulating 20,000 + gold isn't that uncommon, especially for those who understand the value and mechanics of trading for gold.

Oh. I did see the map you were referring to was Highland. It is rare that I have seen even those maps without a viable waterway for gold trade. The challenge is to recognize the strategic value of the waterway and control it.

Hope that helps.
After all, it's JustAGame

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posted 03-30-99 03:29 PM ET (US)     3 / 3  
After sleeping off the effects of watching my chariots turned to sawdust, I realized that 20k gold on a map probably isn't that unusual. 1:00 am is not a good time for analytical thought.
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