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Topic Subject:Build Order
posted 02-25-18 12:36 PM ET (US)         
Could someone with experience give some tips on a basic stone age build order, like whether to go for berries or hunting or how many vils to go up with and a time goal? There are some multiplayer strats here but they tend to either involve boats, be faction specific, or simply not helpful. If there is one already written, could someone direct me to it?
Mr. Beta
posted 02-25-18 02:51 PM ET (US)     1 / 6       
First of all learn to use hotkeys. I don't use all of them but it's absolutely essential if you want to become a decent player. Start by spamming H+C (town center - create villager) keys and keep on doing this pretty much continually throughout the game. Speed is everything.

Here's what I usually do:

First 2 vills build 2 houses, the other explores for the nearest berry bush patch, once found, build a granary next to the patch and send the 2 vills that build the houses on berries. Next 5 villagers from tc also go to berries. So total of 8 on berries. That gives you a steady food income.

The following 6 villagers should be chopping the nearest trees adjacent to tc, build another house once you reach 30 wood, do some more exploring with a villager. Then build a storage pit at the most convenient spot, near forest and gold/gazelle once you reach 120 wood. You don't need to mine gold in the stone age yet.

Send the next 5 villagers on gazelle hunting, build a storage pit next to them if you have enough wood. Use the last villager for exploring, searching for elephants around your base. Once the gazelles or berry bush are depleted put down another storage pit and hunt the eles.

That's a total of 20 villagers in Stone. By this time you should stop making vills and age up as soon as you reach 500 food. Between aging up, build a barracks and a few more houses.Hope this helps you out!

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posted 02-25-18 08:42 PM ET (US)     2 / 6       
Incredibly helpful. Ive visit aoeheaven for many, supp, chab, thomp, and several others are still here somehow, but only recently have tried multiplayer. This will hopefully make a big difference
posted 03-03-18 08:37 AM ET (US)     3 / 6       
What I found particulary effective is to get to bronze age quickly and spam slingers + academy units. This works especially agaisnt players trying to spam chariot archers, especially if you execute the strat well. And yes, this works. I'm currently at ~80% winrate with Greeks with this on DE.

Stone age:

build 1 house with 2 vills, use the 3rd vill to scout. Use the scout to build houses around the map as necessary. Don't build many houses at once, use the lumber to construct granaries/storage pits/barracks instead.

Try to scout lakes, Gazelle spots etc. early and use a storage pit start instead of using a granary next to your berries - it's worth when you find a spot with 2 trees and 2 coast fish, or a gazelle spot.

The trees are important to get back the lumber from building the storage pit (1 tree is 75 wood). Kill ALL gazelles before collecting from them to avoid long run distances for your vills. Elephants are also important if you can find them.

A good Storage Pit start is superior to staring with a granary, but it's more risky. If you don't find good spots, go for a granary and use 6 vills on berries.

Try to find more huntables and use ~ 12 vills as hunters/fishermen. 5-7 vills on wood and then shift towards your berries with vills 15-20 + granary.

build 2 raxes during tech to tool, preferably in an offensive position.

Tool Age:

Build some slingers and use them to rush the enemy.

This will either lead him to make slingers/clubbers himself (so he'll advance less fast) or sacrifice villager time to chase your slingers.

Spread out on the map and use natural resources to get to bronze age without sacrificing many resources on military units. If your opponent is faster than you build at least 1 barracks in your own base instead (important to get some slingers in case he's rushing you).

Build Market and stable. Only make farms if you run out of gazelles/elephants/berries. Also try to spread out your farms (not all of them around your TC) UNLESS you're confident you'll be able to defend them.

You can build some remote farms next to granaries that ran out of berries. Food is more important than wood for this strategy.

Use all natural resources, and shift vills to wood/gold/stone as it's necessary (you should be able to get to bronze at ~15-16 mins with a slow civ, and probably even faster with a fast civ).

Build additional raxes (you should have at least 4).

Bronze Age:

In bronze build 2-3 academies, and start using Hoplits. Spam slingers from your raxes. Then go to the enemy. You can mix in some cavalry from your stable, but don't make them your main force. This is helpful for raiding and killing massed slingers or Axemen.

Use hoplits + slingers to engage the enemy BASE, try to avoid chasing faster units. Try to pressure him. You can also use short swordsmen + slingers, as roman for example in case you don't want to use hoplits.

Just run into his economy (especailly wood) and wreak havoc. Destroy houses and archery ranges. Towers will be destroyed easily from hoplits.

If oyu have more than 10 melee units or have spare food left tech their upgrades (armour before attack). Also research economic techs as necessary (wheel > food upgrades > wood upgrades).

I even beat some vietnamese players with this.

Since slingers have nice range (get stone mining upgrade to get +1 range) and bronze shields (which also applies to your infantry) it's pretty hard for the enemy to engage you with hit and run, since he'll loose archers all the time from slinger fire. Chariot Archers take a lot of wood and food to produce, and your gold/stone units are much easier to mass. You only need around 20 vills on food, 3-4 vills on gold and like 2 vills on stone to consistently spam slingers and hoplits/swordsmen from 6 or 7 production buildings. He'll need more than 40 vills to spam chariots from 5 ranges, and he'll loose to your armies head on.

If you fear to be rushed with those "5-chariot raider groups" that try to kill villagers use walls or a defensive barracks and 5-10 slingers in base. this is comparably cheap (only 200-400 food + a bit of stone) defense, since a chariot costs way more. 40 food and 70 wood, which is 200 food and 350 wood, and he'll loose the chariots before doing real damage to your economy. you can also use walls to force him into your waiting slingers. Keep in mind to produce more slingers because Chariots havc a range advantage and will kill slingers with hit and run in a prolonged fight.

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AoEH Seraph
posted 03-04-18 08:19 AM ET (US)     4 / 6       
Learn to use the hotkeys, Whatch vids of competitive gamers, copy them. Done

Sounds easy, it is not xD.
posted 03-05-18 00:23 AM ET (US)     5 / 6       
Very true. I've watched a lot of AOE2 and and alot better at aoe now, especially come bronze when I usually boom to 3+ TCs. My problem seems to be during that time. It seems I'm struggling during that point where some players are starting to raid, and some are still finishing their economy. It is a lot easier said than done
AoEH Seraph
posted 03-11-18 09:58 AM ET (US)     6 / 6       
Well The few times I have played MP games, raiding starts early in tool age. It is a miracle if I even reach bronze xD

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