October 2008

Saturday, October 4, 2008

AoE.Realism and Weekend Warriors
Posted by The Dark Archer

In the past week two big new projects for Age of Empires have been announced. The first project being forum regular Nacht Jager's unofficial sequel to Fall of the Newbs Weekend Warriors. The current name is just a working title right now but a thread is up and plans for the project are being made. It should make for awesome project when it is finished and I look forward to see the final result.
Download Fall of the Newbs here.
Discuss Weekend Warriors here.

After being busy with work Rasteve has returned with an announcement that he is starting a new project AoE.Realism. This is a new mod/patch that is designed to add more realism without changing levels of gameplay. Rasteve has always had big plans for things to do in Age of Empires and as with Weekend Warriors I look forward to the further developments on this project.
Discuss AoE.Realism here.