September 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

HeavenGames: A New Identity
Posted by The Dark Archer

Source: The HG Blog

After considerable deliberation, the owners have decided that one major inhibiting factor for HeavenGames’ prosperity is the simple fact that it doesn’t have a clearly defined identity. It has always been a site about games, but that is far too vague for the development of any clear goals and the effective marketing of the site.

We have thus discussed the issue with our staff and decided that we should make HeavenGames a site entirely geared towards community. At its core, HeavenGames always has been about building the best communities possible, so it only makes sense that we devote all of our resources to that service...(Read more!)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

General Update
Posted by The Dark Archer

It's been a while since AoEH had its own update of its going ons so I'd thought I'd make my first news post to give a general update of what is going on around AoEH and HG.

First we have two new Heavens opened with Star Craft 2 Heaven and World in Conflict Heaven both getting their very own sites. Be sure to check both of them out.

Also not long ago Age of Empires Heaven's first Pretty Town Contest was started by designer and forum regular Nikokol. Hopefully his contest will turn out a lot better then my own attempt which is still in the judging process with a number of problems setting back the date for the results to be announced. Anyway be sure to check out Nikokol's thread and possibly join the contest. It's sure to be fun.

Last thing to leave on is the reminder that we still do have our AoEH Ladder and with the new International Gaming Zone (IGZ) up and running it's a great time to register and start getting some challenges out. To get some challenges just swing by our Multiplayer Forum and take a look for some people willing to take you on.

That is all for now but remember to swing by the forums if you have any problems, questions or are just wanting to meet other die hard Age of Empires fans.