July 2006

Monday, July 3, 2006

New Design Team
Posted by Phill Phree

Chris Mattox and The Dark Archer, two of our forum regulars, now have their own team, Tribulation Designs. Good name, any designer has certainly been through a few trials and tribulations of their own.

Give them a visit and offer your support.

Monday, July 3, 2006

Emails to me
Posted by Phill Phree

Some people are still sending email to my hotmail address. I almost never check this, I just have a Hotmail ID to get on MSN and as a test address for website work, so if you have sent anything there you'll only get an answer when I feel like checking it.

Please send all mail either to the address in my forum profile or to phill@heavengames.com. I check them every day.


Monday, July 3, 2006

Genie Wiki
Posted by Phill Phree

Gathering information on different aspects of Age of Empires has always been crucial to improving the skill of both our players and designers. Fan sites rely on being updated when the webmasters have the time, and some times ar busier for them than others.

Now there is a place called GenieWiki where all information about Age of Empires, as well as Age of Kings and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds (which use also the genie engine) can be gathered in one central place and edited by anyone.

This special type of website is called a Wiki, and is designed to allow us to cover those things people have always wanted to know. Recently there have been many new discoveries in the game including finding new units and removing a lot of the restrictions on how they are placed, new map sizes, terrains, a triple hit point mode, and even new units. However understanding these things can be difficult for new members to grasp.

Whether it is explaining victory conditions, making a mod, editing the data files, putting the new units in a scenario, understanding AI and Per files, optimizing multiplayer strategies, or simply understanding basic gameplay like hotkeys, the wiki hopes to have helpful information on it. It already has quite a bit of new information about Age of Empires, but it needs more people to join.

If you're unfamiliar with editing a wiki there's a large amount of information available on Wikipedia. Anyone can read the wiki, and creating an account doesn't even require an email address. Even someone with little knowledge of AoE can contribute, as there are so many different things to write about. If you feel you need help you can ask one of the other friendly editors on their talk pages, and the other contributors can help you out and fix any mistakes you make.