Site FAQ

What is Age of Empires Heaven?

Age of Empires Heaven is a site by HeavenGames, containing as much information as we have been able to put together about Age of Empires and its expansion pack, The Rise of Rome, the Real Time Strategy (RTS) game by Microsoft and Ensemble Studios.


What is Heavengames?

HeavenGames is a group of volunteers who have decided to host community sites for a wide range of Real Time Strategy and City Building Games, all of which are accessible from our navigation bar on the left.


Do you cover Age of Empires 2, 3 or Online?

No. The games are sequels but otherwise have nothing to do with each other and nor do they work with each other so we have separate Heavens for each. For Age of Empires 2, also known as Age of Kings, visit Age of Kings Heaven. For Age of Empires 3, visit Age of Empires 3 Heaven. For Age of Empires Online, visit Age of Empires Online Heaven.


What do the sections like Academy, Granary etc all mean?

The site is divided into sections that cover different aspects of the game. The sections themselves are named after buildings in Age of Empires. Clicking on any of the section titles will give you an overview of what that section covers, but roughly they are as follows;

Academy – Information about how to improve your gameplay

Granary – Downloads and Game Information including our FAQs

Siege Workshop – Scenario and Map Design

Town Centre – Miscellaneous community information and links


I heard that AoEH was the oldest “Heaven”. Is this

Yes and no. The original HeavenWeb, that later became HeavenGames, was started by Mike McCart from Ensemble Studios and the first site was actually for one of the Civilisation games. Age of Empires Heaven, however, is the oldest surviving site since Mike left, the HG staff took over and the sites moved to HeavenGames. It has been in operation since May 15th, 1997.