Multiplayer FAQ

I want to play Age of Empires/Rise of Rome online. Where can I find other people to play against?

You can play on Gamespy and a few other places now the Zone has gone, or directly by IP and through MSN.


How many CDs do I need for multiplayer games?

One CD supports 3 players, so if you play with the maximum of 8 persons you need 3 discs.


Is there a way to save during a multiplayer game?



The cheats don’t work when I’m playing online! Help!

That’s because you can’t use cheats online, unless you turn the cheat option on, which all players must agree to.


When I join a game and the host launches, it launches AoE but it doesn’t go to the multiplayer setup.

Virus Killers and Firewalls are the most common reasons for this. Consult your Virus Killer documentation to see if it is blocking the connection, or our Router/Firewall FAQ.