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Heavy Catapult

Age: Iron
Prerequisites: Build Town Center, build Barracks, build Granary, build Market, build Archery Range, build Siege Workshop, upgrade to Catapult, research Siegecraft, upgrade to Heavy Catapult.
Upgrade Cost: 1800 food, 900 wood
Research Cost: - - -
Cost: 180 wood, 80 gold
Hit Points: 150
Attack: 60
Armor: - - -
Piercing Armor: - - -
Range: 13
Speed: Slow
Upgrade of: Catapult
Special: Fire rate once/5 seconds; large damage area; minimum range 2.
The Heavy Catapult has many more hit points and more range than the Catapult. You must research Siegecraft before you can upgrade to the Heavy Catapult.
Siege weapons are used to attack buildings, towers, and walls.
Researching Alchemy increases attack strength. Ballistics increases accuracy. Engineering increases range.
The Heavy Catapult was powerful siege weapon, representing the greatest advance in siege weaponry during ancient times. It was employed against fortifications and on the battlefield. It broke down fortification wall, allowing attackers to break in. On the battlefield, smaller missiles might be fired in a shower against dense formations of soldiers to cause casualties and disrupt morale at long range. Enemy armies that could be softened and shaken before the hand-to-hand clash of infantry were at a decided disadvantage.
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