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Age: Iron
Prerequisites: Build Town Center, build Barracks, build Archery Range, build Siege Workshop, upgrade to Catapult.
Upgrade Cost: 300 food, 125 wood
Research Cost: - - -
Cost: 180 wood, 80 gold
Hit Points: 75
Attack: 60
Armor: - - -
Piercing Armor: - - -
Range: 12
Speed: Slow
Upgrade of: Stone Thrower
Special: Fire rate once/5 seconds; medium damage area; minimum range 2.
The Catapult has more attack strength and range and causes a larger area of damage than the Stone Thrower. The Catapult can be upgraded to the Heavy Catapult. Other siege weapons include the Ballista and Helepolis. You can build and upgrade siege weapons at the Siege Workshop.
Siege weapons are used to attack buildings, towers, and walls.
Researching Alchemy increases attack strength. Ballistics increases accuracy. Engineering increases range.
The Stone Thrower continued to evolve over time following its invention around 400 BC. Improvements increased the size or range of the missile and the mobility of the Catapult. Mobility was usually a function of how fast the weapon could be assembled.
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