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Age: Iron
Prerequisites: Build Town Center, build Barracks, build Archery Range, build Siege Workshop.
Upgrade Cost: Nil
Research Cost: Nil
Cost: 100 wood, 80 gold
Hit Points: 55
Attack: 40
Armor: Nil
Piercing Armor: Nil
Range: 9
Speed: Slow
Upgrade of: Nil
Special: Fire rate once/3 seconds; minimum range 3.
The Ballista has a minimum range of 3. The Ballista can be upgraded to the Helepolis.
Siege weapons are used to attack buildings, towers, and walls.
Researching Alchemy increases attack strength. Ballistics increases accuracy. Engineering increases range.
The Ballista was an early artillery weapon that fired missiles, primarily large bolts or spears. It was used in attacks on cities or fortified positions because it could cause structural damage and casualties from a great distance. When it could be deployed on a battlefield, it was especially useful against dense formations of troops. In this situation one shot could cause multiple casualties. The Ballista was invented in the second half of the First Millennium BC, probably by Greek engineers. It functioned like a large crossbow. Tension was built up in the engine by twisting leather, and then released, propelling the missile down a guided trough and into flight.
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