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Common Combinations

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Select one or more Villagers, then press B. Follow this with the letter of the bulding you want, e.g B+B will build a Barracks.

Special note - the Town Center and Storage Pit are special cases.

The Town Center is selected by the letter H but to build one is B+N.
The Storage Pit cannot be selected in the game with a shortcut key, but the shortcut for building a Storage Pit is B+S.

Training units


Villager: Ctrl+H, C


Clubman, Axeman: Ctrl+B, T
Slinger: Ctrl+B, L
All Swordsmen: Ctrl+B, Z

Archery Range

Bowman: Ctrl+A, T
Improved & Composite Bowman: Ctrl+A, A
Chariot Archer: Ctrl+A, R
(Heavy) Horse Archer: Ctrl+A, C
Elephant Archer: Ctrl+A, E


Scout: Ctrl+L, T
(Scythe) Chariot: Ctrl+L. R
Cavalry: Ctrl+L, C
Camel Rider: Ctrl+L, L
War & Armoured Elephant: Ctrl+L, E


Priest: Ctrl+P, T

Siege Workshop

Stone Thrower & (Heavy) Catapult: Ctrl+K, C
Ballista, Helepolis: Ctrl+K, B


Hoplite, Phalanx, Centurion: Ctrl+Y, T


Fishing Boat & Ship: Ctrl+D, F
Trade Boat & Merchant Ship: Ctrl+D, R
Small & HeavyTransport: Ctrl+D, T
Scout Ships & upgrades: Ctrl+D, E
Catapult Trireme & Juggernaught: Ctrl+D
Fire Galley: Ctrl+D, G

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