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Many articles on this site and others frequently use these abbreviations and pet names for units and items in the game. We present a list of at least most of them here for your convenience.
AE Armored Elephant
AP Attack Points
Assy Assyria
Axer Axeman
Babs Babylonian
BLP Blind Lame Priest
Boom, Booming Developing a massive economy through many resources, allowing the player to pump out army after army and overwhelm opponents.
Broadie Broad Swordsmen
BT Ballista Tower
CA Chariot Archer
Carth Carthaginian
Cat Catapult
Cav Cavalry
Cent Centurion
Cho War Game with only Legions and Towers, normally Choson civ
Civ Civilisation e.g. Egyptian, Roman, etc.
Compie Composite Bowman
CP Computer Player
CR Camel Rider
Dancing A manoeuvre where you have your units repeatedly attack, then move
DM / Regular DM Death Match, any settings. Regular DM = Pop 200, Hills, Reveal, Conquest, Iron Age
Dumbo Elephant
EA Elephant Archer
Ele(s) (War) Elephant(s)
FB/FS Fishing Boat/Fishing Ship
Forwards Villager sent to the enemy to build military buildings there
HA Horse Archer
HC Heavy Catapult or the shortcut for Select Town Center (H) then Build Villager (C)
HCat Heavy Catapult
Hellene Greek
Helo(s) Helepolis(es)
HHA Heavy Horse Archer
Hitto Hittite
Hopper Hoplite
HP(s) Hitpoint(s)
Housed When you try to make a unit and get told you need to build more houses
Impie Improved Bowman
Juggie, Juggy Juggernaught
Kittie Cat
LoS Line of sight, that is the light area round a unit
Mace Macedonian
Mass Forward Building Building lots of military bases e.g. Stables, etc in enemy territory
Paint To build foundations (as opposed to full buildings) in enemy territory - generally considered cheating on the zone
Palmy Palmyran
Phoe or Phoenie Phoenician
Rax Barracks
Remes Triremes
RM Random Map Game
rof, RoF Rate of fire, that is the time interval in between shots by ranged units
rush, rushing Attacking an opponent early.
SF Shore fish
Smurfing Pretending to be someone else, usually on a forum or the zone
ST Stone Thrower
Straggler Solitary tree near your Town Center with 75 wood
TB Trade Boat
TC Town Center
Toolie Tool Age Archer = Bowman
Tranny Transport Ship, honest ;-)
VC Victory condition (in scenarios)
WE War Elephant
Woodies Woodcutting Villagers
Yammy Yamato
Yassy Yamato and Assyria
Zone Special server set up for online multiplayer games

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