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Town Center

Age: Stone
Prerequisites: None for first one. For subsequent Town Centers, build Granary, build Market, build Government Center.
Upgrade Cost: - - -
Cost: 200 wood
Hit Points: 600
Upgrade of: - - -
Special: - - -
The Town Center lets you create villagers and advance to the next Age. It is also where villagers deposit food, wood, gold, and stone. The Town center supports 4 villagers, military units, or boats. Priests cannot convert Town Centers.
After you build a Government Center, you can build additional Town Centers to expand your civilization's dominance and build Town Centers closer to distant resources.
Researching Architecture increases hit points and decreases construction time.
All villages and towns had an administrative center that was the site of governmental power and leadership. In the earliest villages this might have been the leader's home. Later it might have been the king's palace. The center was often the place where important supplies, especially food surpluses, were stored. Vessels for storing grain and oil were found in the ruins of the Palace at Knossos on Crete. Some of the earliest accounting records yet found were clay tablets left in long-forgotten storerooms in ancient Sumeria and in Hittite cities. The destruction of the town center usually meant the destruction of the town's governmental infrastructure.
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