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Age: Bronze
Prerequisites: Build Town Center, build Granary, build Market.
Upgrade Cost: - - -
Cost: 200 wood
Hit Points: 350
Upgrade of: - - -
Special: - - -
The Temple lets you train Priests and research technology that increase their powers - Polytheism, Mysticism, Astrology, Monotheism, Afterlife, Jihad, Fanaticism.
Researching Architecture increases hit points and decreases construction time. In RoR, Medicine increases the priest's healing rate and Martyrdom allows you to sacrifice one Priest to automatically convert one unit.
The Temple was the earthly home or point of communication with a particular god or goddess. Priests or priestesses on duty in the temple acted as the servants of the resident god or goddess and managed contact to and from the people, plus instruction, rituals, petitions, and answers to questions. The most common form of petition was the prayer. Others included the provision of gifts that supported the Temple and its servants and the sacrifice of animals or humans. The general belief of the time was that the more elaborate a Temple, the taller it was, and the more grand, the more disposed the god or goddess would be to provide good weather, rainfall, and crop yields, while keeping away pests, disease, and human invaders.
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