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Small Wall

Age: Tool
Prerequisites: Build Town Center, build Granary, research Small Wall.
Upgrade Cost: - - -
Research Cost: 50 food
Cost: 5 stone
Hit Points: 200
Upgrade of: - - -
Special: - - -
The Small Wall is the weakest of the walls. Upgrades include the Medium Wall and Fortification. You can research and upgrade walls at the Granary.
Walls are defensive structures that can be built around your empire or important areas. Villagers and military units cannot move through standing walls, however, they can attack the walls. Stone Throwers, Catapults, Heavy Catapults, Ballistas, and the Helepoplis are particularly effective for destroying walls.
Researching Architecture increases hit points and decreases construction time.
In his book, A History of Warfare, John Keegan speaks of three forms of fortification—refuges, strongholds, and strategic defenses. He describes the refuge as a place of short-term safety from an enemy who does not possess the means for a protracted siege or who wishes only to raid and carry off plunder, perhaps repeatedly over time. The earliest walls were built to protect food supplies from nomadic raiders who found readily available supplies of food an irresistible attraction. The existence of a Granary made necessary the provision of a wall or the Granary would be pillaged quickly. A Small Wall represents the defense provided by a refuge. The modest investment in a wooden palisade or simple wall of dirt stopped the casual raider, but would not seriously delay a large army set on destroying or capturing a refuge.
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