Heaven’s Single Player Help

Hints and Tips for Campaigns and Scenarios

Here you can find a collection of hints for the standard campaigns and several custom campaigns and scenarios that you can download from the Granary.
The campaign and scenario hints were inspired by questions asked in the AOEH forum. They aren't walkthroughs because it's such fun to figure things out for yourself. Therefore we worked out a way of presenting the hints in such a way that you don't get to see everything at once - but with monitors getting bigger every time there are limits to what we can cater for. If you find hints appearing at the bottom of your browser window it's better to cut it down to size.
We also did our best to avoid using real spoilers but in some very hard scenarios there was no getting around getting down to some very nitty gritty details.
You may have a question that isn't listed at the first page of the hints for a scenario. Sometimes we may have felt that including the question there would give away too much at that stage. Then just follow another question and see if it gets you there. If your question isn't listed anywhere feel free to ask it at the forum.

Most hints for the standard ROR campaigns were written by Phill Phree and most hints for the AOE ones by myself. Hints for the custom campaigns and scenarios are mostly by Phill Phree but some are by me, with additional input from Centy, Dark_Avenger and DanieltheMaster.
I want to thank SaSa408 for encouraging me to start this project and Phill Phree and Dark_Avenger for testing my hints and for their stimulating response. They also provided some hints for the hardest levels for some of the AOE scenarios.
Phill Phree worked nights through to get the look of the pages right, not an easy task with every single browser interpreting simple HTML code differently and me nagging at him all the time.
If you'd like to write a hint or two for a campaign or scenario that we didn't cover feel free to submit them.

In the following list we included single-scenario campaigns like Mago under Scenarios.

Age of Empires

Rise of Rome

The Standard Campaigns
 Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign
 Glory of Greece
 Voices of Babylon
 Yamato Empire of the Rising Sun
The Standard Campaigns
 Rise of Rome
 Ave Caesar
 Pax Romana
 Enemies of Rome
Trial Version Campaigns
 Armies at War: A Combat Showcase
 Reign of the Hittites
Trial Version Campaign
 First Punic War
Custom Campaigns
 Mesoamerican Chronicles
 Scipio and the Second Punic War
 The David Saga #1
 The David Saga #2
 The Martial Emperor
 The Persian Wars #1
 The Two Brothers
 Thutmose III
Custom Campaigns
 Budonian Tales
 Conan of Cimmeria
 Cyol's Saga
 Prophecy of the First King
 Revenge of Carthage
 Sword Of Choson 1 - Kingdom of the Morning Calm
 The Mauryan Empire
 The Tai Gun
 The Tai Gun II
Custom Scenarios
 The Fortress
 The Relay
Custom Scenarios
 Cockleshell Heroes
 Fall of the Mountain
 Land of Two Rivers
 Merlin and the Treasures of Britain