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New Random Maps
Posted by PhatFish on August 03rd, 2020 @ 08:50 a.m.

Download here!

There was one area of the game which had not been tackled yet by the community... until now. I present to you: 10 new Random Map types to play on! This empires.dat mod changes your existing Random Maps and replaces them with the following:

- Arabia, Arena, Black Forest, Golden Oasis, Scandinavia.

- Alien Planet, Bubbles, Marshland, Nile Delta, The Great Wall.

The first 5 will surely make AoE2 players smile - I personally love to play these maps and I wanted them in RoR, so here you go. The following 5 are not based on AoE2 but are my own adaptation of what I always liked to see. Quite a few of these new random maps have unique play features, such as a new type of Fortification which cannot be destroyed by conventional means, or how about a Space Ship which functions as a mobile Town Center?

There are also new graphical elements for you to enjoy such as new Marsh terrain, snow patches and a variety of editor-only trees!

This mod does NOT change any existing units, terrains, buildings, campaigns, scenario's etc. in any way. There are no balance changes (RoR 1.0a balance). Nor will it alter any actual graphics of the game. Everything remains exactly the same!

Let me know your thoughts and comments and if you find a bug please notify me. I hope you enjoy these new random maps as much as I did making them!
New Patch, New Poll
Posted by Fisk on July 02nd, 2020 @ 4:21 p.m.
A new Update for Age of Empires: Definitve Edition has been announced. As pointed out by forumer Romanos_V some interesting new additions are promised, including unit stances and the option to make farms impassable like in classical RoR, in addition to balance changes and improvements to MP matchmaking.

Some time has passed since we changed the poll as well. To summarize our last one, I asked about your favorite Post-Iron unit, and the winner is a dominant force in any RM game that reaches the late Iron Age, the Heavy Horse Archer. The full results of the poll are displayed below:

What is your favorite Post-Iron Age Unit?

Heavy Horse Archer (20%, 38 Votes)
Centurion (19%, 37 Votes)
Heleopolis (13%, 24 Votes)
Legion (10%, 20 Votes)
Cataphract (10%, 20 Votes)
Schythe Chariot (9%, 18 Votes)
Armored Elephant (7%, 14 Votes)
Juggernaut (6%, 12 Votes)
Heavy Catapult (6%, 8 Votes)

Total Votes: 191

For our next poll I've picked a topic I've always wanted to ask you about but never quite figured out how to without overwhelming you with options; Scenario Designers. The solution is a somewhat arbitrary division between the "classical" designers, before the advent of overlapping buildings with the enhanced editor 2.0, and the "modern" designers after that. Then we may begin with a somewhat concise list of classical designers, and do the modern at a later time. And if your favorite is missing from this far from comprehensive list, feel free to leave a comment and I'll try to add them.

Oh, and a quick P.S., we have merged the Scenario Design and Modding forums into one, so expect to see modding threads on the front page along with our other forum topics in the future.
RockNRoR updated!
Posted by PhatFish on June 12th, 2020 @ 07:32 a.m.
To all who have never used this utility, especially scenario designers, you really should give Chab's wonderful RockNRoR a go. What this program does: It patches your empiresx.exe and basically allows you to choose between whatever (extra) options you want added or disabled: nearly every aspect of the game can be altered to your exact liking - for example custom resolutions, enhanced AI, or high game speed (very useful for testing!).

Not only this but you have total control of every single tile in the scenario editor (change it to any terrain or elevation), any custom map size, AI and PER retrieval for any map and player, changing any unit to belong to another player, and one of it's most unique features: Triggers. That's right, you can have actual triggers in RoR much like in Age of Kings. Or how about Map Copy? I have used this a ton and it makes for much easier designing.

Quite a few of these options also allow for backward compatibility with the original game allowing unique maps and settings which makes this in my opinion a must have tool!

It has just been updated to include generation of any super large custom map sizes up to 1024x1024 with a fix for LOS and crash stability (of course, original game still does not support this), and another very useful and amazing feature: extraction of .bmp instruction maps! If all this has not convinced you to download RockNRoR, you're absolutely missing out. Imagine if DE included all these wonderful features? It is something I suggested during development but unfortunately it was ignored. Anyways, read all about RockNRoR in this and this thread.

So, what are you waiting for, download the updated RockNRoR!
Big, Bigger, Biggest
Posted by PhatFish on May 21st, 2020 @ 6:49 p.m.
The map size limit of 255x255 tiles has been breached - there are now map sizes that go way beyond what is normally possible! How about a nice 512x512 tile map? Or an even bigger one?

A whopping 1792x1792 size map.

Before you open the scn editor and start designing, please carefully read all about these ridiculous sized maps in this scenario design thread. You can download the new 512x512, 768x768 and 1024x1024 map sizes here.
Designer releases half-finished campaign after 8+ years!
Posted by Fisk on April 14th, 2020 @ 10:06 a.m.
First things first, you should probably know that there's a new feature on the site. If you look in the left menu bar the Granary has a link called "New Activity" which will take you to a listing of New Comments and Reviews for all categories in the download system. Hopefully this will be of some use for those of you who comment a lot in the Granary. I have also uploaded a few new screenshots, mostly to the 2012 Pretty Town Contest Album. I always felt weird about how that Album only had 3 screenshots and 2 of those were just my unrelated project screenshots.

Now that that's out of the way, I'd like to shamelessly self-promote for a minute and announce that I have at long last released that campaign I began work on in 2011. The title landed on "Nubia - In the Shadow of the Nile". I like to think it's a pretty challenging experience but I hope some of you out there will enjoy it.

This screenshot is a lie because I actually disabled Siege in this scenario.
Fisk is an Angel
Posted by PhatFish on March 09th, 2020 @ 07:25 a.m.
Former Cherub Fisk has ascended to Angelhood! He has done a tremendous amount of work with a passionate devotion to AoEH and HG the past years he has been active as a Cherub, and we now welcome him as an Angel in Red to reign and guard over AoEH! We all know Red is the best color Congrats!
A podcast interview with Matt Pritchard
Posted by PhatFish on March 04th, 2020 @ 09:27 a.m.
The folks over at Arcade Attack interviewed Matt Pritchard (key designer and programmer for Age of Empires) just a few days ago, and he shares with us lots of interesting details about how he came to work in the gaming industry, the development of Age of Empires and Age of Kings, the remastered HD and DE versions, and much more. If you want to have some insight in the developers mind, this podcast is definitely worth your time.
New Poll + Designer Shoutouts
Posted by Fisk on February 29th, 2020 @ 03:39 a.m.
Happy Leap Day everyone. I hope you make the most of your extra day this year. It's time to change the poll again!

Last time I asked you about which historical setting you would've liked for AoE IV. It seems you are a bit divided between the ancient and the modern, but in the AoEH:s bias towards antiquity shines through. The end results were:

I would've liked AoE IV to be set during the...

Ancient Times (39%, 46 Votes)
World Wars Era (33%, 39 Votes)
Renaissance - Early Industral Age (16%, 19 Votes)
Middle Ages (12%, 13 Votes)

Total votes: 117

In the poll before this one I asked about Rush units, but now let us look at the other end of the Spectrum. We're talking about Post-Iron units, anything with that golden glow. Tell us which one is your favorite!

In addition to the new poll, I'd like to take some time to promote a couple of new maps in our Granary which have caught my attention.

The Holy Forest by Luna Lynn

The first is a new piece from one of my favorites among our active designers, Luna Lynn, who has made an extremely detailed multiplayer map which aims to transform the entire multiplayer experience and is also very pleasing to look at. When I first heard that over 100 hours work had went into the making of this map i scoffed, but then I saw it and I realized every tree on this map is hand placed! One of the most unique features of this map is that forests can be passed through by villagers, as seen in the screenshot above. This together with some interesting restrictions placed on the players and the ruins turning it into a classical battle for the center control makes this map a unique multiplayer experience. If that sounds like something interesting to you make sure to check out The Holy Forest [1vs1] and [2vs2].

Hostage by Kastanje57

The other is a more classical campaign from a new designer. Nevertheless this one also has some excellent map design, and the shot of the towers at the beach above shows one of my favorite parts. What I really like about this is the gameplay. It's the kind of campaign which requires patience and a bit of thought. There's a certain sense of harmony to it, it takes the time it takes and you can't stress it. I suppose it reminds me of a time when this game was new and people didn't get understimulated so easily. This was in fact uploaded last year but Kastanje57 has been regularly updating his file since I posted my initial review, and expanded upon his work with a second scenario. If you're looking for a classic puzzle experience take a look at Hostage.
Merry Christmas!
Posted by Fisk on December 25th, 2019 @ 11:05 a.m.
On behalf of the AoEH staff, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

If you feel like getting a late Christmas gift for yourself or somebody else, you might be interested to know that until the 2nd of January, you can get AoE: Definitive Edition 75 % off on Steam!
Poll Roundup
Posted by Fisk on December 01st, 2019 @ 3:27 p.m.
As we enter December the time has come to close the poll and move on to our next question. Last time we asked you what the most effective rush unit in the game is and I believe the winner will not come as a shock to those familiar with the game.

What's the most effective rush unit?

Chariot Archer (23%, 32 Votes)

Villager (11%, 16 Votes)
Slinger (11%, 15 Votes)
Cavalry (10%, 14 Votes)
Clubman/Axeman (10%, 14 Votes)
Bowman (8%, 11 Votes)
Chariot (6%, 9 Votes)
Hoplite (6%, 9 Votes)
Stone Thrower (4%, 6 Votes)
Improved/Composite Bowman (4%, 5 Votes)
Short/Broad Swordsman (3%, 4 Votes)
Camel Rider (2%, 3 Votes)
Scout (2%, 2 Votes)

Total Votes: 140

During the past month there have been two major news items regarding the Age series. However as everyhing AoE2-related is handled by the other website I guess I have no choice but to ask you about AoE4. Not much is known at the time, but it seems clear the developers are intent on returning to the Medieval Times. Some were expecting the series to pick up where we left off in the third game, while others have been hoping that the series would return to its roots. So let's hear what you think, did they make the right decision or would you rather have seen something else?